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Digital photography has blown up the world. And people began to photograph everything, the concept of "film cost" has already become obsolete.

Recently, a new fashion has appeared - selfie. Even stars and politicians follow the fashionable belief, let alone ordinary people.

It remains only to understand how best to take a selfie, how to look good on such frames. And the picture should be uncommon, standing out from the crowd.

Professional photographers say that selfies are not just a picture for social networks, they are a part of life in which you can see yourself from the outside. Here are some tips on how best to take your own photos.

You will need bright makeup. It is known that the makeup looks lighter in the photograph than in real life. For a perfect selfie, you will need a brighter makeup than usual. This is especially important in terms of the shape of the face and eyebrows. The lines above the eyes can be brightened a little, and the face will need cheek shadows. This function can be performed by matte powder with a bronze sheen, it must be applied under the cheekbones and on the sides of the face. If you want to visually narrow your face in the photo, then this powder should also be applied to the neck. And freshness can be achieved with the help of a peach-pink tone, it is suitable for a face of any color.

Focus on lips or eyes. You can choose bright lips or expressive eyes as an accent. If the lips are light and the eyes are dark, then the image will seem more sexy. And highlighting the lips with red lipstick will make the look more glamorous. Dull lipsticks will make your face look pale, while matte and dark shades will throw in a couple of years of age. And lips in this version will visually seem narrower.

Focus on the eyes. The eyes are one of the main focal points. And to make this place look really big and expressive, before applying mascara, you also need to bend your eyelashes with special tweezers. They need to grab the eyelashes at the very roots and hold it for several seconds. Modern smartphones have features to enhance selfies. The eyes can be enlarged and the face can be narrowed. So with the help of digital technology, the desired effect will be obtained.

Light and natural shine. Modern smartphones began to pay special attention to front cameras, improving their quality. After all, they are the ones who are responsible for selfies. But at the same time, all the details of the makeup will be better visible. Those with oily or combination skin on their face should powder it before shooting. A light, natural shine will be obtained thanks to reflective powder or highlighter. They should be applied over the cheekbones and in the center of the nose.

Do not forget about the neck area. If flash is used, it is important that the skin tone is the same as that of the neck and face. The foundation should be selected in daylight, testing it on the neck line. It will be optimal if the tone matches the skin color. True skin tone will be reflected by a white background in the image.

Avoiding tousled hair. Before taking a selfie, make sure your hair is tied up. Fine hairs can be gathered together with hairspray or special cream. And to keep your hair looking healthy and shiny, you can use a special gloss spray.

Fluttering hair. And although stylists do not advise to loose their hair, the photos with them fluttering in the wind are really beautiful. You don't have to go outside to catch the flow of the wind - a fan will help. Here it is important to set it to the desired distance, creating a light breeze, not a tornado. Disheveled hair will look more like a hornets' nest.

Avoid double chin. Smiling, you need to lower your chin down and stretch your face slightly forward. This will make it look slimmer, and the double chin will not appear. So that the smile is not too wide, you should not stretch your lips in the classic "cheese", but try "money" or remove your tongue by the teeth. So the smile will be gentle and light.

Find your perfect angle. It's easy to see that some selfies look better than others. The fact is that each person has his own winning and losing side of the face. Take this into account when shooting. You need to practice in front of the mirror or take several different selfies from different angles. Having chosen the best option, it is worth using it in the future.

Perfect pose. Celebrities always turn out well in pictures thanks to their practiced posture. It works in any situation. We should also find one after practicing in front of the mirror. It is important to look natural.

Hollywood pose. Modern smartphones allow you to take pictures using voice or gestures. So you can provide a selfie not only in the form of a porter, but even full-length. In this case, you will need a pose worked out by Hollywood stars. The hips and shoulders should be turned to the sides, put your hand on the thigh and look strictly into the frame. Such a pose will visually slim, but at the same time it will emphasize grace.

The choice of light. Lighting will need soft and diffused. This can be obtained by standing by the window. Daylight shots are best, but direct sunlight is best avoided as it can create circles under the eyes. It is necessary to stand so that the sun shines from the side or from behind. And in room lighting, you shouldn't be directly under a bright light source. Those who are really into selfies should get a special mirror. It will provide soft, even illumination.

Keep your head at an angle. With this simple trick, you can profitably highlight the cheekbones and enlarge the eyes.

Software processing of images. There are quite a few apps that are designed to enhance selfies. Even Instagram offers filters, especially in photo editors. Applications will help brighten skin, whiten teeth, remove acne and bruises. Selfie fans should explore the variety of apps and actively use them. But you shouldn't overdo it with post-processing of images, otherwise you can lose the attractive naturalness.

Using filters. This item is related to the previous ones. Selfies can play in a new way if you use filters to change the image to retro. Alternatively, you can apply a slight blur by taking a picture in warm colors. Such tools will only improve selfies.

Raise the camera over your head. In this position of the device, it will be possible to photograph not only the face, but also part of the clothes and the surrounding environment. The shot will turn out to be much more detailed and interesting.

It's easier to be. Do not take on an abstruse appearance. Subscribers will not appreciate it. But they will like a sincere and cheerful face - the likes will not keep you waiting. It is worth taking pictures in a cafe, on the street, at concerts. At the same time, one should not pay attention to the reaction of others. Not all of them understand modern trends.

Take pictures with celebrities. A photo of a person next to a star immediately gains additional likes. And if there are many such selfies or several celebrities appear in the frame at once, success is guaranteed.

Climb into hard-to-reach places. Taking pictures of a house against a wall is boring. But selfies taken high in the mountains, in space or in places accessible only to extreme sportsmen are doomed to popularity. The classic is a snapshot of astronaut Michael Hopkins, the background of which was our entire planet.

Taking selfies is unexpected for everyone. This rule is suitable for those who have not yet fully understood the mechanism of selfies. For example, not so long ago, Pope Francis suddenly agreed to be photographed with teenagers. This surprised the press a lot, and the pontiff immediately acquired the fame of the most democratic and advanced in recent decades. Some older stars are filmed half-naked, although this attracts attention, but the criticism sounds very diverse.

Show your true colors. Recently, even stars have been taking selfies without any makeup, showing their true colors. This technique is suitable for those who cannot imagine themselves without cosmetics. In this case, a selfie without a make-up will certainly interest friends, attract compliments and add confidence.

Take photos in extreme conditions. One of the most famous selfies was the photograph of Ferdinand Puentes. He was a passenger on a plane that fell into the Pacific Ocean. And, finding himself on the high seas, the man managed to take a selfie in a life jacket against the background of a sinking airliner. Needless to say that this shot immediately went around all the media?

Take pictures with animals. Photos with animals are most popular on social networks. It is worth taking a picture with a cat, dog, guinea pig or hamster and expect a stream of likes. And if you managed to take a selfie in nature with exotic creatures - even better. Irish farmers have even created a new genre on Instagram - felfi. This is the name for colorful photographs next to horses, cows or goats. They give the shot a rural charm.

Take a selfie while taking a selfie. This technique is also becoming more and more popular. Cats, grimaces and sights are good, but why not be original? A whole style has appeared in modern selfies, when a person takes pictures of himself in the mirror. There you can see the image of the author with a camera. Enthusiasts go even further, coming up with original scenarios with their own reflection.

Avoid classic mistakes. In an attempt to look stylish and cool, many can only grimace. In social networks, they criticize with might and main the "duck lips", with the help of which girls are trying to portray glamor. But you can draw attention to your lips with just one simple smile. Excessively sexy positions are also not needed, only Kim Kardashian can afford them. The image "taken by surprise" seems banal. Naturalness should become the main tool for getting likes.

Do not ask for compliments in the signature. The worst thing you can say about your selfie is "this is how bad I look today." It is clear that a person longs to hear words of support and compliments, but the path chosen for this is bad. Similarly, the captions of the photo will look “beautiful”, “beautiful” or even “mysterious”. Let the subscribers evaluate for themselves how the person looks in the photo.

Take selfies all the time. Selfies start to "work" if you take them all the time. So-called lifeloggers have appeared - the kings of selfies, whom even Hollywood stars envy. For example, photographer Karla Baden has been filming himself every day for over 25 years. And Noah Kalina, who has been doing the same since 2000, even created an application that reminds of the need to take a daily selfie. And while it seems like some kind of madness, the number of followers on Instagram will grow noticeably.

Have a sense of tact. You have to understand that not all places can take selfies. It is worth asking the question first, is there something more important nearby than our person. If so, then it is better to take a selfie another time. It is especially important to understand that you should not take such photography at funeral events. Once Barack Obama was photographed with the prime ministers of Denmark and England at a memorial service for Nelson Mandela. This picture became the cause of a scandal.

Be wary of photobombers. Where there is a selfie, there are those who, deliberately or not, will try to spoil the frame with their obscene appearance. They can be crying children, animals, drunks. Before taking a selfie, you need to look around to see if there is someone behind you who can ruin the frame. But such provocations, however, can make the picture popular. You just have to be ironic about yourself. Practice shows that pictures with photobombers are liked by everyone and are rewarded with likes.

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