Adele (Adelia)

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Meaning of the name

Adele translated from Greek means "noble".


In early childhood, it is restless, only by the end of the first year of life it becomes calmer, develops well, begins to walk early. Adele is an obsequious, affectionate, but very vulnerable girl. She shuns her peers a little, she is afraid that she will be offended.

She knows how to keep herself occupied: she willingly helps her mother with the housework, plays with dolls, and starts learning handicrafts early. Loves to read, in adolescence prefers science fiction or popular science literature. She adores small children, enjoys playing with the neighbour's kids.

She studies well at school, but modesty and a certain constraint do not give her the opportunity to express herself to the fullest. She most often has a good ear for music, a good voice, she can successfully complete music school.

But such a girl really needs the help of her elders, and especially her parents, it is difficult for her to achieve great success. It is important that parents pay attention to her abilities, help her develop them.

Adele can be a good athlete: tennis player, swimmer, gymnast. She has a character by nature, but fighting qualities need to be brought up in her.

Adult Adele doesn’t get bolder without help. She can remain the same modest, shy, calm so much that it seems childish.

In her work, Adele is very careful, obligatory, punctual. Will never let colleagues down. She is a great worker, a professional in her field, but she can forever remain only a good performer. She does not seek to make a career, and it does not even occur to others to help her, but in vain.

Adele can be an excellent leader, her ability to get along with people, calm character, ability to win over colleagues could serve her and the whole team well. She is usually respected by everyone, reckoned with her opinion.

In extreme conditions, Adele knows how to gather as much as possible, concentrate on the main thing and calmly make the only correct decision. He rarely makes mistakes. Adele can be very firm, persistent, if she knows that she is right.

Adele, born in summer, finds it difficult to get along with people because of self-doubt, "winter" - does not find a common language with everyone, it is easier for her to communicate with men than with women.

Adele gets married as quietly and imperceptibly to others as she lives her whole life. She meets with her chosen one for a long time, and their friendship develops into a family union. The character of this woman changes when she has children.

Calm and balanced, she can be a "lioness" if you need to protect children. In family life, Adele is patient, hardy, able to support her husband in difficult times. She is a gentle and loyal friend for her "half".

Adele is a homebody, does not like to be in crowded places. She has one or two devoted friends in her personal life, in which she takes an active part: she helps around the house, stays with their children, makes peace with her husbands. Her friends simply adore her. Adele loves to cook, she loves guests, receives them with great pleasure, lavishly sets the table. Adele loves animals very much; a cat or a medium-sized dog often lives in her house.


In intimate relationships, Adele is soft, compliant, gentle. She willingly meets all the wishes of her spouse, but not from the first days. The husband should show great patience, make a lot of efforts so that she is convinced of the sincerity of his feelings, and Adele knows how to be grateful and rewards him with interest for patience and waiting.

She does not recognize sex without love, feelings are given completely, without a trace, never cheating on her husband. A spouse's unfaithfulness can ruin family relationships for life, although she may not dare to divorce.



A rock

Lapis lazuli.

Zodiac sign

Libra, Scorpio, Virgo, Taurus.


The sound of the name Adelia gives the impression of something bright, joyful.

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