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Meaning of the name

The name Agnia became widespread in honor of the ancient Aryan deity of fire (Agni) and literally means "fiery" (Sanskrit).


The energetics of the name Agnia are characterized by such traits as mobility, deep emotionality, openness, as well as firmness and plasticity. In general, such a combination can be called quite favorable for life, however, a lot in Agnia's life will depend on her upbringing and the environment in which she will grow. This is due to Agnia's inadvertent restraint and emotionality.

It would be more accurate to say that, if necessary, Agnia knows how to control herself, but it is far from always possible to notice this very need. On the contrary, her inherent openness often inclines her to the easy manifestation of her emotions, and in combination with her noticeable self-esteem, such frankness can become a source of resentment and misunderstanding. In general, she is a very sincere person, and as you know, sincere and sensitive people often have a hard time in life.

It is most favorable if, from childhood, parents encourage Agnia's good-natured gaiety and teach her to be a little more circumspect. Otherwise, Life itself will teach this and, it should be noted, by rather harsh means. At least parents can teach it more gently. It is very important that, being burned by her openness, Agnia does not gradually become isolated in herself, from this negative emotions will only accumulate and gradually eat away at the soul.

It is much better to just soften the unpleasant moments with a sense of humor and try to balance your emotions. Only in this case Agnia will cease to be a person of mood and learn to calculate her actions in advance, which, combined with her energy, will help to achieve success in any career, especially related to creativity, and will provide "peace and love" in her family.

These are very principled women with a complex character. They are very talented, pragmatic and prudent in their actions, they will not do anything without thinking. They are usually the best students — the kind they always set as examples for others. Outwardly they are very similar to their mother. Homebodies. They are fond of symphonic music. Endowed with refined taste.

Born in winter - with a contradictory character, disputants, like to insist on their own. In their personal lives, they are often unlucky, and they end their lives alone. In old age, they get sick a lot, especially they are worried about the heart and sore legs.

These are people with a rich spiritual world, subtle and sensitive. These interesting women can beautify any society with their presence. They are great storytellers, hospitable and outgoing. Agnes quickly converge with people, but parting with them is not easy.

Agnia usually quickly becomes attached to people and has a hard time breaking up. She is a loyal and sincere friend and a very sensual wife. Nevertheless, always take into account her deep emotionality, because sometimes even an insignificant incident in your opinion can hurt her to the quick.


Love for Agnia is unthinkable without an intimate relationship. Being in the arms of a man, she is always tuned in to mutual sexual satisfaction and, if she does not receive her share of pleasure, experiences an acute sense of trampled dignity, even humiliation.

She, like no other woman, suffers from a lack of male attention. It is difficult for her to find a suitable partner, she is far from being able to experience an orgasm with everyone, her sex life is often devoid of joy.

In the sexual process, she knows how to control herself and carefully observe her partner during foreplay, playing with him, like an affectionate cat with a mouse: skillfully leads to a climax, and then moderate her efforts.

Agnia seeks to subjugate her partner and satisfy, first of all, her sexual needs. If she does not succeed, she, without hesitation, can break up with him. She is looking for a partner with whom she would achieve sexual harmony.

Agnia assigns an important role to the physiological aspect of love relationships and does not tolerate frigid men. Having found the one she needs, having confidence in his feelings, she becomes balanced, affectionate, seeks to give him maximum pleasure. We must give her credit - she knows how to keep a man.

Agnia does not dramatize the relationship, takes them calmly, without strain, trying not to bother the man with her love. She studies her partner all the time, but with one goal, to give him the most complete sexual satisfaction. Agnia seeks to spiritualize intimacy, to fill it with deep meaning.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Leo, Virgo, Capricorn.


The sound of the name Agnia gives the impression of something good, beautiful, simple, smooth, light, majestic, light, strong, brave, mighty, big, bright, joyful.

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