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Meaning of the name

Alan translated from Arabic means "the most significant", translated from French means "consent".


They are very capable people, with a fine mental organization and at the same time great inner strength and conviction. Interests are multifaceted, and talent can manifest itself in different areas. Alans can be found among musicians, journalists, jewelers, artists, doctors. In any profession, these are specialists in their field.

Alan is to some extent a romantic and idealist, but at the same time he firmly stands on the ground and knows how to provide a decent life for his family.

He is not devoid of ambition, but he will make a career honestly, not hooking anyone up. Shows an enviable firmness in decisions: if Alan is convinced of their correctness, nothing can lead him astray. Although, before making a final decision, he doubts for a long time.

When disputes arise, Alan often gives in to avoid conflicts. Alans are quick-tempered, but quick-witted, they are easy-going and go on long trips with pleasure.

They marry calm, kind, "domestic" women.

They like to play preference, chess, backgammon; never get mad when losing (great quality!). Very musical. These are vulnerable people. They make talented leaders.


During orgasm, Alan can scream with pleasure, which turns on his partner even more. He likes oral sex, but with inexperienced women, he prefers ordinary sexual intercourse. He is never disappointed, he likes all partners in his own way, he can get the most out of every intimate meeting.

Sex for Alan is not only a pleasure, but also a way to maintain health, a way to relax after working days. He knows how to look after beautifully, but does not tolerate when a woman is intractable and courtship is delayed. With such a woman, he breaks up, if only she does not touch his heart.

Already on the second or third day, Alan demands intimacy from the one he liked. He is accustomed to the fact that his partners meekly fulfill all his requests in sexual acts, yield to his desire. If this does not work out like this, he does not get upset - he has a few more women in stock, more compliant.

Alan has a strong potency. He is a temperamental man, rarely meets with only one woman, he needs to have several sexual partners at once. His girlfriends are very different: among them there may be a young, inexperienced girl, and a strong, experienced woman in sex, with whom he just has a good time, regardless of her sexuality, etc.

Alan is a modest and calm man, he needs an experienced partner, relaxed, without prejudice. He needs to be stirred up, arouse in him not only desire, but also the desire to take initiative. Over time, this Alan forgets about shyness and his temperament takes over.

Alan becomes strongly attached to one woman, especially if she satisfies him, and tries to date her as long as possible.

Having calculated, which is also manifested in intimate relationships, he will not spend extra money even on a beloved woman. She doesn't spoil her spouse too much, but she loves to play with daughters.

His family life is measured and stable, there are completely no emotional outbursts, shocks. He perceives his spouse primarily as a mistress and mother, in sex he is moderate.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Leo, Aquarius.


The sound of the name Alan gives the impression of something good, cheerful, bright.

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