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Meaning of the name

Angela translated from Greek means "messenger".


Angela in the family is often not the only, but the last child.

Adult Angela is usually an attractive and even charming woman. Only she herself does not rely on beauty and does not seek to emphasize it. She holds other values ​​in high esteem: intelligence, knowledge, success in the professional field. Here she tries to show herself. This is a strong, selfish person who knows how to achieve his own.

Angela for many men remains forever an unsolved mystery. When everyone laughs at her lucky joke, she will only react with a smile. He will not refuse to spend the evening with employees, but he will behave differently, and will certainly not pay any attention to the most interesting among men. A man who has decided on ambiguous conversations will instantly feel how a wall has suddenly grown between him and the always friendly Angela.

But Angela will be completely different when she meets someone who matches her ideal. In marriage, she will thaw out, become extremely frank, will devote her husband to the subtle nuances of her experiences. However, the spiritual callousness of her husband, rudeness, constant indifference to what Angela lives with, can make her withdrawn for a long time. Angels, however, vary greatly depending on the middle name.

Angela is an incredibly temperamental name, even passionate. This quality is especially evident in adolescence, when Angela can be considered a brawler. Of course, such a bright and sonorous name attracts attention, and first of all it concerns Angela herself. Most likely, Angela will have an acutely developed self-esteem, and she will devote too much time to herself.

This can be manifested in her resentment, perhaps even in significant indifference to other people's successes, because the name itself inclines her to always strive to be in the spotlight and when this place is taken by someone else, Angela can experience bouts of colossal jealousy.

Unfortunately, in her name she cannot find support for patience and firmness, so there is a very high risk that in her youth Angela will indeed often provoke conflict situations.

However, with age, she usually has to pull herself together, and again, to a large extent, this is due to acute pride. The thing is that excessive emotionality is fraught not only with quarrels and scandals (this is not so bad for a woman), but when feelings begin to be reflected in her appearance, she will have no time for jokes. Of course, temperamental people burn a huge amount of calories in emotions, but this process is also associated with various secretions.

Roughly speaking, if Angela does not learn to control herself, she may sweat too much, leading to the formation of acne, and this for a woman is tantamount to a disaster. So, willy-nilly, Angela has to seek balance in her soul.

And best of all, if this is done by softening your own pride and the ability to sincerely respect others. This will help Angela not only tidy up her appearance, but also create the atmosphere necessary for normal life both in the family and in the service.

It is worse when she begins to hide her pride and emotionality. In this case, it is possible that her temperament will find manifestation in all sorts of intrigues and gossip, which, once opened, will completely ruin her reputation. In addition, by hiding her emotions in public, she can give them complete freedom in the family, which most often leads to family tragedies. However, the husband often prefers to close his eyes to this, since the energetic Angela is usually an excellent hostess.

It is hardly worthwhile to overly trust Angela's calmness in society, the only exception is the case when she sincerely respects you. It is also advisable to be careful with wit, it is quite possible that she will perceive the joke as a hint or ridicule, and Angela can be scary in an offense.


She tries to conquer those around her with her appearance, needs compliments, is very proud of her beautiful figure, and enjoys great success with men. Angela makes no distinction between love and sex.

For her, love is inconceivable without intimate relationships, and sexual intimacy is an expression of love. In her dreams, she comes up with a fairy-tale prince and looks for him in life, often unjustifiably endowing her partner with ideal features.

The sensuality of "winter" Angela often remains unsatisfied, her sexual aspirations are too great, she is jealous, sometimes aggressive, although she herself cannot stand these qualities in men. Around her, as a rule, there are always many beautiful, impressive admirers, and if one of them once falls into her arms, it is not easy for him to free himself from Angela's spell - she has an amazing ability not to let go of what belongs to her.

She can be a wonderful lover, empathetic, resourceful, passionate. Her emotions are manifested easily, naturally, she conquers a man not only with her sexuality, but also with the breadth of her soul, disinterestedness, and a noble outlook on things.

Angela can, without hesitation, waste her lover's money, but in the same way, not counting, she will spend hers on him. Angela loves expensive things, bright clothes, exquisite jewelry.

Happiness in marriage is quite problematic for her, her inner duality rarely allows her to feel happy. Angela is always full of some vague desires that she herself cannot define. This woman needs a patient man who can satisfy her varied emotional and sexual needs.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Taurus, Libra, Pisces.


The sound of the name Angela gives the impression of something safe, bright, joyful.

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