Female Anglo-Saxon names

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Aezelinda - a noble snake
Azelthrite - Noble Strength
Aezelu - noble
Aezelflaed - noble beauty
Aelfjifu - a gift from an elf
Ayelflaed - magical beauty
Aelftrite - the strength of an elf
Aethel - noble
Annis - chaste, saint

Basild - brave in battle
Basilda - brave in battle
Basil - brave in battle
Baltild - an important battle
Bathild - brave in battle
Bathild - brave in battle
Beorttraed is a brilliant advisor
Bertrade - great advice
Brand - sword

Idberga - a rich fortress
Idgit - prosperity and struggle
Ildgit - an ancient battle

Kineberg - royal fortress

Milberg - a noble fortress
Mildreth - gentle strength
Mildrit - tender strength

Sanjifu - a gift from the sun
Sanniva - a gift from the sun
Swanhield - battle of the swan

Friedeswide - peaceful and strong
Fritswit - peaceful and strong

Hrodwin is a famous pleasure

Ebba is a rich fortress
Eidith is a hardened warrior
Eilith the hardened warrior
Elva is the elf's friend
Elvina is the elf's friend
Elfa - Elf's friend
Eoforhield - fighting like a boar

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