Male Aramaic names

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Abba is the father
Abbabar - father's son
Abednego - Servant of the Sky

Bar is a part of which a large number of names consist, means son
Bar Yehozef Keyyafa - Son of Joseph of Keyyaf
Bar-Ezu - the son of Jesus
Barnebhua - son
Bar Sabba - son of Sabba
Bar-Timaeus - the son of the unclean
Bar-Tolmey - son of Talmay

Voanerges - sons of thunder

Joses - God Multiplier
Dikla - date palm
Dinay - legal
Drichus - rich, rich

Ira - cautious

Keyyafa - resurrection

Fuck - daylight
Nahir - daylight
Nahor - daylight
Nehor - daylight
Nehorei - daylight

One is secret
Cancer - dummy, empty head
Rimmon the Thunderer
Simon Bar-Jochanan - Simon, son of John
Simon Bar-Iona - Simon, son of Ion
Sifas - rock

Telephone - young boy
Tom is a twin

Hadad - thunder
Hanina - compassionate

Chama - irascible
Chanan - Compassionate
Chanin is compassionate
Chanina - Compassionate
Chaninei - Compassionate
Chinena - Compassionate
Chunya - Compassionate

Sharar - strong, solid
Sheraga - candle, daylight

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