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Meaning of the name

Aristarchus translated from Greek means "the best boss".


He is firm, decisive, strives for leadership, and the rarity of the name multiplies such an effect on the psyche. So, for example, if a person decides to engage in some courageous sport, it is not enough just to be called an athlete, it is still necessary to justify this title.

It is not hard to guess that the desire for leadership, especially if it is associated with an impulsive character, as observed in Aristarchus, is a rather unsafe thing and may well meet resistance from others. Moreover, if Aristarchus fails to realize his aspirations to be the first, then the powerful energy of the name can change the sign to the opposite, creating an illusion of inferiority in its bearer.

Then the manly name begins to sound like a mockery. To avoid such an unpleasant turn, Aristarchus does not interfere with taking his possible failures more easily and instead of biting his elbows, learn patience and try to develop a sense of humor.

If Aristarchus manages to overcome the dangerous energy of his name, then his decisive and impulsive character, smoothed out by wit, will find himself good use in many professions, especially those associated with risk and bearing an element of competition. This can also help him in relationships with loved ones, and healthy passion can give life the necessary spice and interest.

Grows up as a weak, sickly child. Calm and weak-minded peers often offend him. The boy is reluctant to go to kindergarten, he likes to play alone, he feels freer with younger children than with peers. Aristarchus gets along well with girls, takes care of them.

He loves to teach those who are ready to listen to him, with an important air, in an impressive tone, speaks about what should not be done and how to act. Friends respect him. This is a domestic boy who willingly helps his parents; even friends visit his house more often than they meet on the street. He is more comfortable playing at home.

The adult Aristarchus is an outwardly calm person, but those who know him well often note his excessive and groundless nervousness, excessive sensitivity. He invents problems for himself, worries, gets nervous over trifles.

Easily excitable, influenced. Does not tolerate changes with difficulty adapts to new conditions, gets used to new people The thought that he will soon have to go somewhere, leave the house, endure inconvenience, terrifies him. Therefore, he chooses a job that is not related to travel.

Aristarchus, born in winter, is a secretive and reserved person, laconic, serious, constant in affection and sympathy.

Aristarchus, born in the fall, is more sociable, but also serious, a person of a closed character: no one manages to penetrate his inner world, although he has many friends and loves their company very much. He is unobtrusive, never asks unnecessary questions even to close people, believing that everyone will tell him himself if there is a desire.

Born in the spring, he is very touchy, he needs a reliable person next to him with a strong character, whom he can rely on, shifting some of his problems. He marries an independent and strong-willed woman.

Aristarchus, born in summer, is a very kind, flexible person, cheerful and cheerful. Unselfish and reliable, so many take advantage of his kindness. Aristarchus never feels lonely, knows how to find something to do, loves to read, and enjoys analyzing difficult chess games.

Having found a family, he spends most of his time in her circle. He loves to tinker with children, can cook dinner, help his wife clean the apartment. Always consults with her if you need to make some important decision. His family is friendly and strong, for he needs the support of loved ones, the love of his household. He is a caring and attentive husband, his wife feels like a happy woman.


These are handsome men, strong and resilient, not ignored by female attention. Cheerful, sociable, they are surrounded by numerous friends. Everything they have achieved in life has been acquired by their own labor - they are not used to counting on someone's help.

Aristarchs are well-read, but their reading is haphazard: they read everything that comes to hand. They are very elegant and know how to use their charm. They will never refuse to drink in good company.

Aristarchus manifests himself in love in a somewhat peculiar way. For him, the ideal is a woman-friend, a woman-mother, who will not demand mad passion from him and roll up scenes of jealousy, although he certainly gives her reasons.

His marriage is usually based on friendship, and a long one, and he chooses a partner with whom one can talk not only about love and sex. He is not jealous, he lives with dreams of great feelings and incinerating passion.

Shows an amazing ability to become attached to a woman from the past, to feel longing for a lost feeling. This usually prevents Aristarchus from living a full emotional and sexual life in the present.


Bright green.

A rock


Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Aristarchus gives the impression of something good, majestic, brave, powerful.

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