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Meaning of the name

Translated from ancient Germanic means "wielding a spear".


An addicted person, with a somewhat unstable psyche, very emotional and receptive.

He is bold and resourceful, in extreme situations he not only does not get lost, but, on the contrary, becomes especially collected and resolute. Here he is always on horseback. One gets the impression that he is drawn to exploits, attracted by thrills.

Askold combines such different, sometimes contradictory qualities as sociability, talkativeness, cheerful disposition - and love of solitude, thoughtfulness, detachment.

Askold is a welcome guest in any company, he is one of those who are called the soul of society. True, his lightness of thought is extraordinary, and in a conversation he is able to jump from one topic to another, without noticing it.

Askold can give the impression of a superficial person. But this is far from the case: he is observant, knows how to analyze the actions of people and give them correct assessments. He is a good organizer and a good expert on human psychology.

Despite the seeming openness, Askold will not share his problems with the first comer. If the conversation touches on his personal affairs, he diplomatically leaves him. He is frank only with his family. Some Askolds are fond of non-traditional types of religion and the occult.


Askold clearly separates love and sex. In sexual relationships, he not only seeks sensual pleasure, relaxation, but also seeks to achieve inner comfort, peace of mind.

His sexual energy is often directed to the implementation of his plans and is a means of achieving a certain, not sexual, goal.

He knows how to relax in sex, combine romance with eroticism, bring elements of fiction, fantasy, play into the sexual act.

For Askold, the prelude of intercourse is very important, in love games he is inventive and knows how to give his partner maximum pleasure.


Cobalt blue.

A rock


Zodiac sign

Leo, Libra, Taurus.


The sound of the name Askold gives the impression of something good, beautiful, simple, majestic, strong, powerful, active, bright, joyful.

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