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Adilya - Tural's favorite
Aidan - lunar
Azada - free
Aygul - moon flower
Aygun - lunar day
Aysel - moonlight
Ainur - moonlight, moon-faced
Isla - dawn, shine
Aysel - moonlight
Aichin - moonlike, bright
Ainura - moonlight, moon-faced
Ayten - half of the moon
Aida - profit, income
Aishe - living, alive
Aytekin - like the moon
Aziza - dear
Akchay - white river, purity
Alvan - colored, multi-colored
Diamond is beautiful
Alma - Apple
Altun - gold
Amina - Safe, Keeper, Loyal, Honest
Antiga - premium
Anakhanym - mistress, mother
Anara - pomegranate
Arzu - desire, dream
Afag - horizon
Afsana - a woman legend

Banu - mistress, lady
Banovsha - violet
Basdi - enough, enough
Basura - with an open mind
Basira - with an open mind
Bahar - spring, beauty, clever
Bayaz - snow-white
Billura - crystal
Bella is a beauty
Buta - bud
Busat - fun

Valida is the mother of the Sultan
Wafa - devotion
Vusala - togetherness, date, meeting

Garanfil - carnation
Goncha - bud
Gözal is a beauty
Humral - the color of persimmon
Gumar - the color of persimmon
Gussa - sadness
Gulnar - pomegranate flower
Gultekin - like a flower
Gultakin - like a flower
Gunay - sun-moon
Gyulshyan - a cheerful flower
Gyllu - flower
Gunash - the sun
Gulchin - Chinese flower
Gunel - the sun of the people, the morning wind

Denise - seething, stormy, sea
Dildar - beloved
Javakhir is a gem
Jamilya is the beauty of the world
Jahan - beautiful
Jahanbanu - peace

Durdana - one and only, pearl
Dilara - caressing the soul, pleasing the heart, adornment of the heart
Dunya - peace, close

Egana is the only one, unique

Sting - morning dew
Zarif - tender
Zara - gold
Ziba - beautiful
Zulfiya - curly, beautiful
Zahra - brilliant, radiant
Zahra - Venus
Zarifa - tender
Zumrud - emerald

Irada - will
Ilaha - goddess
Ilham - inspiration
Inji - pearl
Inja - tender
Inara - a ray of light sent from heaven

Kenyul - soul
Kamala - perfect

Lala - poppy, tulip, beautiful flower
Lalazar - blooming
Lyatafat - cute, soft, light
Lamia - bright, beautiful
Latifah - anecdote
Layagat - generous
Leila - night, black-haired
Layli - night, black-haired
Linuza - gentle, affectionate
Lutfiyya - delicious
Laman - sparkling, radiant

Masuda is happy
Maryam - loving
Mahfuza - protected
Mahabbat - love
Malakhat - charm, beauty, charm, grace.
Medina is a holy city in Saudi Arabia
Meltem - a light breeze
Mehri - solar
Mehriban - affectionate
Mehbara - crescent
Mina - delicate pattern
Mirvari - a pearl
Mukafat - reward
Mushtag - wishing from the heart

Naira - fire, radiance
Nailya - enjoying life
Natavan - hostess
Narmina - tender
Nardan - fire, liveliness
Nargiz - gentle, innocent and proud
Nigar - beautiful, faithful
Nisar - Forgiveness
Nuray - the light of the moon
Nursach - emitting light
Nursan - the light of glory

Onay is the first moon

Parvana - butterfly
Pari - nymph

Ragsana - quiet, calm
Rachel the lamb
Ravana - smooth
Rafiga is a friend
Reyhan - basil
Rena - the soul of man
Roy - dream
Rose - red flower
Ruhangiz - spiritual leader

Saadat - happiness
Sabiga - perfect
Sadagat - inspiration for all children
Saida - chosen by God
Saigas - reverence
Samira is a fruitful interlocutor.
Sanay - like the moon
Barn - palace
Sarah is a noble
Saryhatun - golden-haired mistress
Sahil - coastal
Salahat - good
Sakina - quiet, silent
Safura - persistent, patient
Sevgili - favorite
Sevda - love
Seyran - contemplating, traveler
Sevil - be loved
Sevinj - joy
Sevyar - loving
Shema is an honor
Sudaba - with a brilliant benefit
Surah - the head of the Quran
Susan - silent
Sona is a swan, beautiful
Solmaz - unfading
Shema - honor
Simuzar is a treasure
Syaba - light breath
Sada - voice

Ram - melody
Tamam - the end
Tarai - the new moon
Tovuz - the desired beauty
Torai - the moon behind the clouds
Tore - the rules everyone obeys
Tuba - high, fit
Thurai - visible moon
Toure - princess
Tunai - the moon visible at night
Turkan - Turkic
Tutu - sweet

Ulduz is a star
Ulviyya - pure
Ulkar - morning star, Venus
Ulker - Morning Star, Venus
Umai is a bird of happiness
Unai - the voice of the moon

Farida is the only one
Farah - joy
Fakhriya - pride
Fatima - adult, maturing
Ferda is the future
Ferdy is the future
Fidan - young tree, bud, fresh

Hanifa is a monotheist who worships the only God
Hadith - incidents
Khanum - mistress
Hanım is a respectable, respected woman
Khatyn is a respected woman
Hatira - memory
Hayala - dream, dream, vision
Heyransa is the best woman
Humar - beauty
Humai is a magic bird
Persimmon - like

Chinara - tall, handsome

Shahla - luxury
Shabnam - morning dew
Sharafat - honor, glory
Shams - the sun
Shalale - waterfall
Shahnaz - the queen of grace
Shenai - the sparkling moon
Shems - the sun
Chefa is healthy
Shimai - the sparkling moon
Shohrat - glory
Shovkat - ruler
Shirin - sweet
Shushanur - rays of the ancient Azerbaijani city of Shusha

Elyaz - the joy of the people
Elnaz is the most desirable among the people
Elnara - the flame of the people
Elnura - the light of the people
Elmira - princess
Emina - quiet, calm
Emel - goal, ideal
Esmer - dark skin
Efra - tall
Efshan - sowing

Yagut - valuable, ruby
Yayla - sincere
Yasaman - lilac

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