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For a long time man learned to build high houses. He singled out some of the most beautiful skyscrapers on the planet.

Chrysler Building, New York. This skyscraper has long belonged to the Chrysler Corporation. But today, due to the crisis, 90% of the building has been sold to Arab investors. The Chrysler Building was built in 1930 and has become one of the symbols of New York. Manhattan is generally crammed with skyscrapers. Only from them it would be possible to make this list of the most beautiful. However, it is necessary to allow others to prove themselves. The expert calls the skyscraper chic, which combines elements of fantasy and elegance. It is no coincidence that this particular building embodies the era of the 20-30s. For a year, the skyscraper became the tallest building in the world. The building is the architectural embodiment of the Art Deco style. It uses the same ornament as on the caps of Chrysler cars in those years. In the 20th, direct and functional modernism was in vogue. Therefore, not everyone accepted the new skyscraper, with its frivolous design. Today, the style of the building is considered to be a reference in many ways; it is officially considered the most beautiful skyscraper in New York.

Tower of Pirelli, Milan. This building has long been the tallest in the world. It all started with the fact that in 1950 the president of the Pirelli corporation proposed to build the country's first skyscraper on the site where his company began. In 1960, a 127-meter building was born. It would seem, what is so unusual about an ordinary office building? Nevertheless, the skyscraper manages not to stand out from the general landscape of Milan, although it is the only one here. The peculiarity of the tower is that it was not built in the traditional rectangular shape for high-rise buildings. The ends of the skyscraper are beveled, so when viewed from above, you can see the stretched hexagon. The expert compared the Pirelli Tower to an elegant Italian girl. The true beauty of a skyscraper lies in grace and revolutionary form.

Marina City Complex, Chicago. This complex includes two buildings with a height of 179 meters. Although they are not the tallest buildings in Chicago, they are, according to Moore, the most unusual and beautiful. The complex includes not only commercial real estate, but also residential premises. Its main architectural highlight is its cylindrical shape. And the functionality of some elements of the towers is surprising. For example, the first 19 floors of each of them are allocated for car parking. And the 20th is given to the laundry. The complex was erected in 1964 and cost $ 36 million. It is positioned as a city within a city. There is a theater, swimming pool, ice rink and marina. The uniqueness of the towers is that there are practically no internal right angles.

Burj Khalifa, Dubai. The tallest building in the world was not ignored by the critic. The height of the Khalifa Tower in Dubai is 828 meters. Its construction was completed only in 2010. The tower has become a key feature in Dubai's modern cutting-edge business center. The architects note that the main feature of the skyscraper lies in its slenderness and grace. There are many high-rise buildings in the business center of the city. But Burj Khalifa is not only the tallest, but also the most elegant. The lower 37 floors are dedicated to the hotel, while the higher are office and residential buildings. The entire project cost $ 1.5 billion. And the American architect Adrian Smith was the architect. Such high-rise buildings are not new to him, because he already has the Chinese skyscraper Jin Mao on his account.

HSBC Bank Building, Hong Kong. In 1935, HSBC Bank built its office. But over time, the financial institution has outgrown its home. Therefore, the old building was demolished, and in 1985 a new one appeared, with a height of 178 meters. Few places in the world pay as much attention to detail as this skyscraper. This building represents the whole of Hong Kong, not as chaotic as the rest of China, but also not as conservative as traditional Europe. The architect of the building was the Englishman Norman Foster. He has many original buildings around the world. In the HSBC building, everything is subject to the principles of feng shui. It itself symbolizes health and success. The architect was able to embody the ancient Taoist practice in the exterior of the skyscraper. It was built from blocks that were brought from all over the world. There are no internal supporting structures, the materials are maximally lightweight. The skyscraper is designed to be energy efficient, with many offices illuminated by the sun and a system of mirrors. In addition, the bank's management was able to ensure that new buildings in the city would not block the line of sight from the building to the bay.

Residential complexes Highpoint One and Trellik Tower, London. The British who made this list could not ignore their buildings. So in the list were two high-rise residential buildings in London at once. Skyscrapers can only be called conditionally. Highpoint One is located in Hempstead, a suburb of London. According to the architects, this building demonstrates the triumph of hedonistic, rather than utilitarian, motives in construction. It became the first high-rise complex built in London. It happened in 1935, it is noteworthy that the building was intended purely for housing, and not for work. Another London "handsome" is in the western part of the city. Trellik Tower was built in 1972. He is known as a symbol of such an architectural trend as brutalism. A technical tower is adjacent to the main 31-storey building. There are elevators in it. And the passage to the floors is carried out through special tunnels. Buildings in this style are not uncommon in socialist countries. The first inhabitants of Trellik Tower were emigrants. And the criminal situation around the unusual skyscraper was rather unfavorable. Unsurprisingly, Londoners disliked such a building. And by the end of the 90s, it became very popular, becoming a city landmark. The prices for apartments in this complex are constantly growing. The author of the complex was the Hungarian architect Jarno Goldfinger. He was friends with Ian Fleming, who borrowed the name of his friend for one of the novels.

"Glass" skyscraper, Berlin. This skyscraper was never built. But there is no doubt that he could become one of the most beautiful in the world by changing the architecture. They wanted to create a glass skyscraper in London in the distant 1919-1920 years. Experts believe that the project itself was a utopia for that time. After all, then it was decided to build houses that look like concrete fortresses. But if such a skyscraper were erected in the capital of Germany, Berlin would become a leader in world architecture for a long time. This idea was put forward by the architect Mi Swan der Rohe. It was generated by the then fashionable direction of expressionism. The author was looking for a new type of structure, and glass could become a new material. Mies was the first to abandon facades altogether, replacing them with a glass membrane. The skyscraper had to be built in the form of a star, and its walls had to be at the wrong angles in relation to each other.

CCTV skyscraper, Beijing. This skyscraper has an unusual shape, for which it was nicknamed "pants". The building was built in 2009 and now houses the main office of China Central Television. The skyscraper is 234 meters high. It is worth noting its original appearance even for today. The skyscraper consists of two inclined towers connected at the top and bottom by angular blocks. The building is a ring-shaped structure with five vertical and horizontal sections. They form an irregular lattice on the facade of the skyscraper with an empty center. The architects were the Dutch Rem Koolhaas and Ole Scheeren from OMA .. The entire project cost 600 million euros.

Residential building on Kudrinskaya Square, Moscow. The list of beautiful skyscrapers also includes a Russian building. For some reason, the English expert singled out this particular residential building on Kudrinskaya Square. Moore wrote that this apartment building looks very majestic. It is unlike other structures in the world. The skyscraper embodied the triumph of ideas and confidence in his communist ideas of Joseph Stalin. The construction of the building really began with him, in 1948. And since 1954, the first residents began to appear here. The central tower has 24 floors, with 18-storey buildings on the sides. It was not ordinary people who lived here, but test pilots, aviators and the party's nomenclature.

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