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There are many cases when young Americans sell out everything they have and go to Las Vegas to try their luck. True, there are many stories about how people spent fortunes in casinos.

Why are such establishments created in general? Do they help us believe in our own exclusivity, or is it just a pleasant pastime? Each player must answer this question. After all, someone really puts everything on the line, expecting a smile of fortune, while someone just easily spends several hundred dollars with ease and continues their vacation elsewhere.

Today casinos are not only about gaming tables and slot machines. Here you can have a great rest, not approaching the tables at all. Such measures actually only attract more and more new players. Below we will tell you about the most famous casinos in the world.

Venetian Macao (China). It's not hard to guess that this establishment is located in Macau. The casino has its own older brother, The Venetian, located in Las Vegas. But the Asian establishment was able to become much larger than its American relative. As a result, this casino became the largest in the world, moreover, there are only 4 buildings on the planet that are large in size.

There are 4 themed rooms here - Imperial House, Red Dragon, Phoenix and Golden Fish. Their area is 8 times larger than the average casino. There are 3400 slot machines alone in the casino, and there are about 800 gaming tables. A casino of this size was not built to break records. It's just that the Las Vegas Sands corporation came to the country, which thus decided to make a lot of money.

The roots of the emergence of the casino giant must be looked for back in 1850. Then the Portuguese administration of Macau legalized gambling in the city. This place immediately received the nickname "Eastern Monte Carlo". As a result, half of Macau's income today comes from gambling establishments. The revenue stream is so great that the Las Vegas numbers have already been beaten, and the business is only growing. Therefore, it is not surprising that the competition among gambling establishments is very high. Each casino tries to attract its customers with something unique, because ordinary gambling tables will surprise no one.

The Venetian Macao Casino has a Venetian theme. There are also such entertainments as gondola sailing on artificial canals. In the casino you can see an exclusive show of the elite circus du Soleil called "Zaia". 75 actors are involved in the performance, and it tells about space, infinity and the meaning of life. The scale of the show is consistent with the global nature of the topic. It is in this casino that the Miss Macau beauty contest is held every year. Lovers of sports simulators are presented with a unique attraction. Thanks to The Manchester United Experience, anyone can find themselves on the virtual pitch wearing the famous English football team's jersey.

Cazino di Venezia (Italy). And this casino is named after Venice. This time everything is simple - it is located in this city. It is noteworthy that this particular institution has the honor of being the oldest in the world. It opened back in 1638. The Belgian Casino de Spa is considered a competitor for longevity, but it is only a couple of centuries old. And the building itself, which houses the Venetian institution, is quite old. Back in 1509, the Palazzo Vendramin Calergi was built.

The architect was Mauro Koducci, who also built the famous Church of San Zaccaria. And this building is associated with the name of Richard Wagner. True, they are related by sad circumstances. The German composer often visited Venice, eventually dying in the Vendramin-Kalergi palace. Now those events are not forgotten - in the mezzanine where Wagner lived with his family, a museum dedicated to his work and the last days of his life has now opened.

Until recently, the "Casino of Venice" had two brothers. But the first, "Casino Lido", nestled among the golden sands of the famous island, closed 11 years ago. The second branch is considered to be Casino di Ca 'Noghera. This casino is located near the Marco Polo airport and has been successfully operating to this day.

The Venetian establishment is designed in the image and likeness of the American ones. There are many slot machines here, there are almost 4 hundred of them. Players can try their hand at roulette, blackjack and Caribbean poker. There are more than a thousand play places in total. The casino's ancient history did not prevent it from introducing the most modern technologies. For example, the fully automated electronic roulette Pepo is used here, and there is also a slot analogue of the popular American game "Wheel of Fortune" for 9 people.

Circus Circus Casino (USA). Speaking of the most famous casinos in the world, Las Vegas cannot be ignored. Among all the local gambling establishments, this is especially famous. It was here on October 1, 1993 that the largest casino robbery in history took place. The criminals were able to endure about $ 3 million. And this daring and perfect robbery was carried out by 21-year-old Heather Tolchief, along with her lovers, Roberto Solis. This colorful man was a thief, a murderer, but also a poet. The couple met in San Francisco, two months later they moved to Las Vegas, and two months later their names were heard throughout America.

Heather got a job as a cash-in-transit driver. On the day of the robbery, she just left with a lot of money for the ATMs. After that, the girl changed into an old disabled woman. Her chair was driven by a "doctor" in the person of Solis. Such a masquerade allowed the couple to freely leave the country. True, after 12 years, Heather returned to the United States, confessing what she had done. Robert Solis was never found, nor was the stolen amount.

The pile of bills stolen by the intruders was intended for the ATMs of that very Circus Circus casino. Strange coincidence - one of the most famous gambling establishments in the city was robbed, although how many are there in Vegas? The fact is that Circus Circus is a permanent film character. This place is known to almost everyone, even those who have never played roulette. After all, this particular casino was so furiously described in the famous "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas". And in Bondiana, Circus Circus also appeared in 1971. Here, during the game, acrobats frolic directly overhead. For a small fee, you can order your own ads, which will then be shown on a huge screen right in the center of Las Vegas.

Circus Circus is not only a casino, but also a hotel for almost 4,000 guests. Initially, it was an ordinary gambling establishment with a circus attached to the side. Over time, they merged into a single grand casino. It has 16 attractions, including roller coasters and a mini golf course. It has its own wedding chapel and three swimming pools.

Tusk Rio Casino Resort (South Africa). The flavor of this establishment in Klerksdorp can confuse an inexperienced European. Indeed, the real African reality is raging around Tusk Rio, with its own culture and exotic nature. And inside the institution there is a completely different world - here is the carnival in Rio. Such a variegated mixture makes the head literally dizzy. Perhaps the owners of this casino, the largest in the Southern Hemisphere, by the way, were counting on this very effect.

The local gambling establishment is open around the clock, offering many ways of entertainment. There are about 300 gaming tables alone, there are machines for blackjack, poker and other card games. Every week championships are held here, including a pool game. And the atmosphere of a carefree and incessant carnival in Rio reigns around. An exclusive salon is open for the most respectable players, and there is a zone for the youngest guests of the casino. They are provided with playgrounds where the kids will not be bored while their parents spend their family budget in slot machines.

It would be a mistake to think that Tusk Rio is a regular casino. This place is intended for the rest of the whole family. There are many attractions in the complex that can drag a guest so much that he will not reach the gaming halls at all. Here you can take part in a paintball battle and play golf, go diving or go karting. It should be noted that the city of Klerksdorp, where the casino is located, has its own gold mines. Guests of the institution can visit one of the oldest developments and see with their own eyes how the yellow metal was mined here in the 18th century.

Baden Baden Casino (Germany). The name of the famous Russian writer Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky is associated with this institution in Baden-Baden. In October 1866, he found himself in a quandary. Dostoevsky's wife and brother died not so long ago. The writer received the Epoch magazine in the care of children, which required a lot of investment. The situation was made worse by Dostoevsky's long-standing addiction - play. He was in the deepest depression and at the most fashionable resort in Europe at that time,

Baden-Baden, drained the remaining funds. The situation was further aggravated by the situation with the publisher; a new novel must be submitted by November 1. Otherwise, Dostoevsky was deprived of royalties for future publications of his works. To cope with the problems, on the advice of friends, the writer hired a stenographer. For 21 days in a row, he dictated his new work to her, based on his sad experience with the casino.

Only on October 31, the novel was completed and rewritten completely. The next day, the "Player" goes to the publisher. And a week later, the writer proposes to his stenographer, Anna Snitkina. After the wedding, the couple embarks on a honeymoon trip to Baden-Baden, where Dostoevsky again loses everything clean. The writer found the strength to give his wife a commitment to never come to the gambling table, which he did.

The casino in Baden-Baden has existed since 1821. Since that time, many celebrities have visited it. The institution interrupted its work during the world wars. Marlene Dietrich wrote about it that it is the most beautiful in the world, and she has seen all the other casinos. In his "Anna Karenina" Lev Tolstoy described Baden-Baden. And the popularity of this casino is no coincidence. The area, rich in hot springs, was noticed by the ancient Romans. But for a long time people came here not so much for treatment in healing water, so much to satisfy their passion.

True, apart from its unique history, Baden-Baden casinos have little to boast of. Hundreds of slot machines have recently appeared here, and the range of games is standard - poker, blackjack and roulette. There was a time when real gold and silver chips were used in roulette.

Marina Bay Sands (Singapore). Marina Bay Sands in Singapore is an entire luxury complex, against its backdrop and the glitter of the local casino slightly fades. But it is the most expensive in the world. The construction cost of this entertainment facility was $ 8 billion. The casino is spread over three floors. It includes 2,300 slot machines and 500 gaming tables.

You will not find the usual hold'em among the board games, but there is baccarat, roulette, sik-bo and their varieties. But in this casino you can play Singaporean poker. They say that this version was invented especially for this casino. But in fact, this is still the same Caribbean poker with a slightly different winning system. Apart from the scale of the casino and the surrounding luxury, there is nothing special to note.

But there are many interesting sights around. That is worth at least Sands SkyPark. This terrace has an area of ​​one hectare, and it is located on the very roof of the hotel, at a height of 55 floors. The park has about 500 trees. An amazing view opens up from the observation deck, and the special pride of the complex is a huge pool. Swimming in it, it seems that you are splashing right in the sky. What can we say about the numerous cafes and nightclubs?

And this resort became the brainchild of the Americans from Las Vegas Sands. It was planned to open it back in 2009, but the global financial crisis thwarted these plans. As a result, it was decided to open the complex in several stages. On February 17, 2011, the last of them took place - an official ceremony. Since that day, the ArtScience Museum has opened here with the world premiere of the exhibition-performance "Living Van Gogh". Now the guests are presented with a water show with Wonder Full illumination, and the Broadway musical "The Lion King" was staged on the stage of the theater.

Crown Casino (Australia). Australian construction tycoon Lloyd Williams has created many memorable projects. But the most striking and significant of all was the Crown Casino in Melbourne. This establishment is the largest in the country. The entire complex occupies almost two blocks in its area in Melbourne, just slightly behind Tusk Rio from South Africa in the struggle for the title of the largest casino in the Southern Hemisphere.

Although the playing area of ​​the Australian establishment is smaller, few can rival it in terms of luxury and splendor. The atrium is finished in black marble, while the Palladium Room features exclusively hand-made carpets. Is it any surprise that many official events take place here. The most prestigious Australian tele-award, the Logie Awards, is presented in the casino, and the winner of the national grand prix in Formula 1 is immediately awarded.

And the gambling rooms of the Crown Casino themselves are few who step in their luxury. The Mahogany Hall amazes with its luxury, and the Teak Hall - with its sophistication. In the "Las Vegas" hall, everything shines and gives gloss. The total length of the playing area is half a kilometer. Here they play not only poker, traditional for the majority, roulette, craps and blackjack.

Guests are presented with very unusual pie-gau, sik-bo and baccarat. Crown Casino became famous for the fact that it was here that the Rapid Roulette electronic roulette was first installed. This system allows players to place bets without waiting for the dealer's turn. The experiment turned out to be so successful that not only roulette has recently become electronic, but also baccarat, sik-bo and the wheel of fortune.

Both inside and outside the complex, the public can enjoy the illuminated water attractions. Along the entrance to the casino there are six towers that shoot fireballs into the sky at night. Today, the appearance of Melbourne at night is already impossible to imagine without this pyrotechnic show. Nevertheless, there are opponents of such defiant luxury. Even at the opening of the complex, in 1997, there was a scandal. Then the Australian actress Rachel Griffiths walked half-naked with a crown of thorns on her head in protest against the new construction. The casino building, in her opinion, disfigured the appearance of the city. Nevertheless, this trick of the future owner of the Golden Globe only benefited the institution. Great ad turned out.

Casino de Monte Carlo (Monaco). It's hard to imagine that there was a time when gambling was not yet an integral part of Monte Carlo. The first casino opened here under Prince Charles III back in 1862. Elite gambling establishments immediately attracted the aristocracy, nobility and just businessmen. There are several casinos and hotels in Monaco. The best of them are owned by the Société de Mer de Bains.

Among them is the casino "Monte Carlo". Its building was designed by Charles Garnier, who was also noted for the development of the Grand Opera building. The casino is a giant eclectic palace. The façade is decorated with marble and 28 columns, bronze and gold elements. In addition to the gaming halls, there is also an opera hall and a cabaret. Chaliapin and Sarah Bernhardt, Caruso and Anna Pavlova once visited this casino.

A whole series of game rooms are located inside the casino. Their names themselves are elegant - the Salon of Graces, the European Salon, the Renaissance Salon ... There are also rooms for the most important ones - the Touzet Hall, the François-Medsen salon. The premises are decorated with sculptures, allegorical paintings and bronze lamps. Berlioz, Stravinsky and Debussy played at the Opera House, or the Garnier Hall.Here Diaghilev showed his improvisations in Picasso costumes. The casino's façade faces the sea, perfect lawns with flower beds have been created.

In total, the casino has 35 roulette, craps and blackjack tables and 316 slot machines. The dress code does not allow the use of jeans - you must appear exclusively in a jacket and with a tie. The entrance costs 10 euros. Interestingly, indoor photography and filming are prohibited.

The Clermont Club (England). This London establishment is not even a casino, but a closed elite club. According to the laws of the country, anyone who wants to visit this London club must become its member for at least a day. And the "Clermont Club" is located in Berkeley Square. The building itself was built at the beginning of the 18th century. Since 1972, the Playboy Enterprises Corporation has become the owner of the institution. The new owners immediately advertised the casino, Roger Moore and Princess Margaret appeared there.

A visit to this establishment is recommended to get a feel for its atmosphere. Here you can hide from the bustle of the city and just relax. The casino is considered to be elite. Here rich players gather, impressive sums are won and lost in one sitting. Inside the casino there is an elegant setting and excellent service. Here you can see the S-shaped scrolls as you climb up the long stairs. This private casino features 6 tables for baccarat, blackjack and roulette. Tournaments are held among the club members. There is a club room and a restaurant for complete relaxation of guests.

Bellagio (USA). And again we will talk about the casinos of Las Vegas. This hotel and casino complex was opened in 1998. Then he became the most expensive in the world, costing the owners $ 1.6 billion. Years have passed, but Bellagio is still the most elegant and distinctive establishment in Las Vegas. You can play roulette on 200 tables, and there are as many as 2000 slot machines. All guests of the casino can visit several Bellagio restaurants, and members of the Cirque Du Soleil circus troupe will entertain them with a live performance.

The complex includes, in addition to the hotel and the casino, a full-service spa. It is in Bellagio that you can see a rare show of singing fountains. The guests of the complex are settled in cozy and elegant rooms, where bathrooms are decorated with marble. The furnishings of the hotel are opulent and guests are provided with an LCD satellite TV. The curtain opening mechanism is controlled by electricity. Guests also receive soft bathrobes, a minibar and an iPod docking station. And this casino got into the cinema. It is Bellagio that is robbed by the attackers in Ocean's 11.

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