The art of buying and selling

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Herblock's Law

If the product is good, they stop producing it.

Gold's Law

If the shoes are on the leg, then they look disgusting.

Headley's clothing buying laws

1. If you liked the suit, then your size is not.

2. If you like the suit and the desired size, then it still somehow does not fit on you.

3. I like it and fit, but I can't afford it.

4. I like it, and it fits, and is affordable, but at the first fitting it bursts at the seams.

The basic principle of buying Baysman

What you like is never on sale.

Heshaise rules

1. Products labeled "New" or "Improved Model" are not.

2. Both of these labels mean that the price has jumped.

3. “Brand New” or “Fantastic New” labels mean that the price is creeping up.

McCone's axiom of Madison Avenue

If the ad says the item is "under $ 50," you could bet it isn't $ 19.95.

Marketplace Advertising Law

If there is one price for any quote in an advertisement, then that price would be unreasonable.

The first law of consumption of Sinteto

A 60-day warranty means the item will fall apart on the 61st day.

Beryl's first law

The sale announcement will be made one week after your purchase.


1. What you bought will be listed under the "unacceptable" column.

2. What you nearly bought will be listed under the best buy column.

Savignano "mail order" law

If you don’t complain, you will never receive what you ordered.

If you do complain, you will receive your order before your angry letter reaches the address.

Yunt's "mail order" laws

1. The most necessary item of the order is always missing.

2. The next item on the order can be reordered only after 6 months.

3. While you are waiting for a reorder, you can buy it much cheaper elsewhere.

4. Once your re-order has fallen into the category "this product is no longer available", you will not be able to purchase it anywhere for any money.

Brooks' retail laws

1. The security service is not secure.

2. Management does not manage.

3. Advertising does not advertise.

4. Customer Assistance does not help.

5. Ancillary workers do not work.

Observation of Karushin

The value of a product is the ambition of its manufacturer, raised to the level of the seller's ambition and expressed in monetary units.

The law of regressive achievement

The past year is always better.

The discount principle

What you want is never on sale.

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