Male Croatian names

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Andridge - man, warrior
Andro - man, warrior
Ante - invaluable
Antun - invaluable

Boldo - the king's protector
Branimir - protection and peace

Eyelid - the glory of age
Vekoslav - the glory of the age
Velimir - the big world
Vinko - conquest
Vlaho - talking in a whisper

Goran - Man of the Mountain
Gregor - cautious, alert

Dubravko - oak grove
Jozo - multiplier
Juraj - Farmer
Dmitar - loving the earth
Dragan - dear, beloved

Zvonimir - the sound of the world
Ringing - the sound of the world
Zlatan - golden
Zlatko - golden

Zhelimir - who wants peace
Zeljko - who wants peace

Yosip - multiplying

Kristian - follower of Christ

Lubomyr - the world of love

Marian - like Marius
Mirko - the power of work
Miho - who is like a god?
Michovil - Who Is Like God?

Pavao - small
Feather - rock, stone
Petar - rock, stone

Slavko - glory
Srechko - luck
Stepan - crown

Tvrtko - solid
Tom is a twin

Franjo - free

Emeric - the power of work

Jadranko - from the Andriatic Sea
Jacob is a displacer

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