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The relationship between superiors and subordinates is always accompanied by any conflicts. The resolution of the most fundamental disputes is usually one thing - dismissal.

During a crisis, few people want to change their place of work. But you can lose it not only because of reductions, drunkenness or simple laziness. The bosses, wanting to get rid of an unwanted employee, can come up with a bunch of reasons for dismissal. Well, the subordinates themselves do not stop providing them. At the same time, the reasons are sometimes so curious that it is impossible to keep silent about them.

Door error. One of the Moscow managers, Vladimir, who worked in a construction company, suddenly found himself out of work after the bright 10th anniversary of the company. The celebration took place in the Moscow region, in one of the rest houses. All staff who arrived were given the keys to individual rooms. Then a banquet began, with drinks, snacks and dancing. All guests naturally left their keys on the table. Over time, they mixed, and not everyone could remember the number of their room. The unlucky manager left the hall at 1 am, grabbing the first key that came across from the table and heading to his room. There he, without undressing and without turning on the light, got to the sofa, where he immediately fell asleep. The manager was awakened by other people's voices belonging to a pair of lovers. The male belonged to the head of the firm. Vladimir decided not to interfere with the leader tactfully and not to distract the couple from their intimate activities. However, it was not enough for a long time, the manager suddenly began to laugh violently. It turned out that Vladimir had ended up in his boss's room. He, not finding his key, but memorizing the room number, found it unlocked. The next day, the boss strongly recommended that Vladimir write a letter of resignation of his own free will. The unlucky manager was forced to agree to such a request, apologizing, he quit.

An attempted cutlet. Lieutenant of the patrol and guard service, living in Lipetsk, Aleksey Ivannikov, after the end of his hard working day, went to a cafe for a snack. He had little money left, mostly it was a trifle. Having counted it, Alexey realized that the funds would only be enough for 100 grams of vodka. The policeman almost resigned himself to the fact that he would have to drink without a snack, when suddenly he saw a cutlet that was lying on a plate of his neighbor on the table. The appetizing appearance of the meat product changed something in Alexei's brain, perhaps, images of his grandmother's and mother's food surfaced in his head. As a result, the policeman suddenly grabbed the cutlet, but he didn't have enough conscience to eat it right there. Alexey, either ashamed of his act, or wanting to have a snack without witnesses, ran out of the cafe, hiding from sight. The very next day, Aleksey, a lover of cutlets, remained unemployed. The chief said that there is no place for such shameless people in the law enforcement agencies.

Harmful gossip. It happens that innocent gossip turns into serious consequences. In the American town of Hookset, four city officials were fired for spreading rumors about their boss. The girlfriends vividly discussed the news that their boss David Joydon had a love affair with a new young employee. However, the boss did not like such gossip about him, because he was married. David hired a lawyer, asking him to identify the source and distributor of such unpleasant rumors for him. He spoke with office workers, coming to the conclusion that the main sources of gossip were employees Jessica, Michelle, Sandra and Joanna. They were all quickly dismissed. Only Khukset is a small town, with only 13 thousand people living in it. Soon everyone knew about the scandal with the dismissal of women. The women, on the wave of popular anger, even collected signatures in their defense demanding that they be reinstated at work. However, the mayor's office flatly refused to recruit overly talkative women back to work.

Bad focus. In order to somehow interest his students, a high school teacher in Boston, Peter Conworth, during class decided to show them some simple tricks. First, he showed how easy it is to make an ordinary scarf invisible. The teacher got carried away with tricks, followed by a demonstration of how a regular pencil can be put in one ear and pulled out of the other. The students watched what was happening with unprecedented interest. But in the evening, Peter started having problems - he was urgently called to school from home. It turned out that the students liked the tricks so much that they decided to repeat them at home. As a result, three schoolchildren were hospitalized with ear injuries of varying degrees. The unlucky magician was quickly kicked out of school, threatening to be banned from working in the educational sphere at all.

Inappropriate forgiveness. Kindness, it turns out, is not always appropriate. It was this quality that became the reason for the dismissal of the head of the traffic police of the Sukhobuzimsky district of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. The kind policeman refused to take bribes without even issuing fines to violators. For some reason, he decided that kindness and participation can teach drivers to follow the rules of road traffic. In addition, the officer promoted his ideas to the masses, demonstrating this by personal example. It was explained to the subordinates that it was necessary to conduct polite conversations with violators, they could not be fined, and bribes were out of the question. Even crossing a double continuous line can, in the officer's opinion, be forgiven. But the law is not so good, according to it, such a violation entails deprivation of the rules for a year. Several high-profile good deeds turned into dismissal for the policeman. And even more - he had to explain his actions in court. There they did not show mercy, the kind employee received a year and a half of suspended imprisonment, as he grossly violated the rules of labor discipline. The court ruled that such misinterpretation of official duties could lead to the death of people.

Inappropriate dancing. In Nizhny Tagil, employees of the Department of Internal Affairs decided to originally congratulate their women colleagues on the 8 March holidays. To do this, the police invited a stripper to the party right at the office. The incendiary man first "lit" the show with torches, and then began to wriggle in a dance between the tables of employees. The sexy stripper captivated female military personnel so much that they began to dance with him. Only now the party of drunken employees right in the office was filmed on a mobile phone camera. The very next day, the video became an Internet hit. Three of the most active participants in the scandalous action were immediately fired. The battalion commander and the head of the city traffic police chose to suddenly fall ill. True, they were fired upon returning to work.

Harmful fragrances. It turns out that smelling good isn't always good either. In Vancouver, insurance company manager Melinda Southers was fired because of this and even almost beaten. The fact is that the woman was very fond of using perfumes with a sweet smell, sprinkling them on herself repeatedly throughout the day. Melinda explained this by the fact that the sweet smell helped her focus on work, giving new strength. But her colleagues thought differently, such a scent added them not strength, but only a headache. Co-workers of the woman more than once asked her to stop using her favorite perfume at work. There was even a scandal in the office when one employee told Melinda that it would be better to just throw out her disgusting perfume. The woman decided to get justice from her boss. But a delegation from other employees also came to him, who energetically demanded the dismissal of Melinda Southers. The chef could not resist the collective majority by firing his aromatic subordinate.

Prohibition of same-sex love. Although today it is not customary to look askance at people with a non-traditional orientation, some employers are not afraid to show their attitude towards them. An unpleasant story happened to the forty-year-old Saida Abaneeva, a resident of Tomsk. The boss fired her for her passion for women. The woman did not accept such a decision, having filed a lawsuit, accusing her former company of discrimination and infringement of sexual minorities. The hearings lasted 6 months. The court indeed confirmed the legitimacy of the woman's claims, deciding to pay her 31 thousand rubles. Everything would be fine, but the angry bosses came up with a kind of revenge on their former employee. The expected amount was paid to her in coins of 5 kopecks. Saida received two large sacks of copper as payment - the movers could hardly drag them into the apartment. But the woman refused to accept money in this form. The director of the company had to back down and transfer money to a bank account.

Banning traditional love. But in America, one of the employees of the bank's marketing department was fired for his traditional sexual orientation. The fact is that all colleagues, along with the boss, were gay. This fact did not bother the marketer for a long time. One day, the boss discovered that his subordinate came to the restaurant (oh, horror!) With a girlfriend. The very next day, the marketer was fired because he did not match the level of the company. The dismissed person still cannot understand whether he is an object of sexual discrimination or should he be concerned about why the boss mistook him for a gay for a whole year?

Inappropriate reading. The head of the city administration of the California city of Chula Vista was fired for his excessive interest in the charms of Pamela Anderson and other beauties. It turned out that city manager David Garcia spent half of his working time looking at nude models in men's magazines. The manager was handed over by his assistant, who reported on his behavior to the mayor himself. Garcia was summoned to him, and as an argument he could not find anything better than to tell him that women's breasts help him better focus on the problems of the city. The mayor reasonably noted that a salary of $ 20,000 a month is already a pretty good incentive to work. Garcia was eventually fired for his inappropriate reading.

Useful smoking. In the Swedish engineering bureau of the city of Malmö, seven non-smoking employees were fired at once for their lack of this addiction. The fact is that the owner of the company, Jon Alexandersson, is a heavy smoker himself. Therefore, he was very surprised when some of his subordinates demanded to ban the use of cigarettes in the office. As a result, the owner decided not to part with smoking, but with his opponents. The Swede firmly stated that he was already tired of those people who break their habits for others, content with the fashion for a healthy lifestyle. In addition, Yon noted that smoking employees performed better than their non-smoking colleagues. And for some reason, clients put forward more complaints against those engineers who advocated a healthy lifestyle. The dismissed employees went to court, trying to challenge the boss's decision. The trial has not ended in anything yet, but Yon received wide support from his smoking compatriots. He receives many letters, signatures are collected in his support.

Harmful voice. One German locksmith who worked for a utility company was fired for being too talkative. Every morning, his colleagues were forced to listen to songs and loud stories about their lives. The locksmith's voice was high and very shrill. It spread throughout the office, scaring off potential clients. The comments of colleagues and the boss were not successful - the vociferous man continued his daily exercises with his voice. The company quickly filed accusations of causing it losses, offering to amicably part. The singer rushed to his colleagues for help, considering them to be his fans. However, they themselves were glad to get rid of the locksmith with an unpleasant voice. Tom had no choice but to quit.

Beer theft. An unpleasant story happened with the police chief of a small town in Kansas. Wilson Hill was fired from his job for stealing beer from firefighters. The fact is that the fire department is located in the same building with the police. There is only a door between them, which is customary to keep open. One day, during his shift, Hill decided to see what the neighbors were doing. There was no one in their office - everyone had gone to the fire. Then the policeman decided to check the fridge of the firefighters. It turned out that a huge amount of beer was stored there - the number of bottles exceeded a hundred. Hill decided to help the firefighters deal with so much of the pleasant drink. He single-handedly dragged almost all the contents of the refrigerator into his car, but then the owners returned. Firefighters detained the thief and handed over Hill to his subordinates. The court estimated that the damage from the near-perfect theft was $ 1,237. The policeman was fired, he was deprived of his pension and sentenced to six months of corrective labor.

Honor of the company. A husband and wife worked for a law firm in Bologna, Italy. The employer soon found out that they had posted information about themselves on the swingers site. This was the reason for the dismissal, as the couple violated the ethical and moral standards of the company. Spouses do not need a lawyer, because they are lawyers themselves and know their rights very well. The couple loudly announces the adopted policy of double standards. They demand that the boss explain how he found out about the ad on the swingers site. Perhaps he had been there himself? A similar story happened to one American soldier who was fired for his desire to diversify his life. He got tired of the family routine and posted an ad on a swinger site. The authorities found out about this step and also fired the officer. But the young thrill-seeker decided to leave a last memory of himself - he ordered two hundred bracelets with the inscription "Live right" and presented them to the soldiers.

Coldness. An employee of one of the real estate firms, Sandra Milton, suffered from her coldness. She was fired just before Christmas. The fact is that a religious woman could not, according to her faith, wish her clients "Happy Holidays". She insisted on another phrase - "Merry Christmas". However, the authorities were not going to compromise their traditions for the holiday, and the devout employee was fired.

Hard work of a writer. Michelle Gibbons worked for an English construction company as an engineer. One day she discovered a passion for literature. But the boss drew attention to the strange behavior of his employee. After all, she was constantly typing something on the keyboard. The boss glanced at her monitor. It turned out that Michelle decided to try herself in the epistolary genre. A woman at the workplace and during working hours managed to write a whole book about the love of adolescents.

Evil love. Love has long been the cause of various tragedies. And for the American Nicole Thompson, this feeling was also the reason for her dismissal. A girl from a work mailbox wrote a love letter to her boyfriend. He liked the letter so much that he sent it to all his acquaintances. Soon the whole world was discussing the relationship of the couple. Journalists could not miss this story, literally torturing the unfortunate girl with their persecution. As a result, Nicole was forced to quit, fleeing from the pesky paparazzi.

Terrorism blog. A careless statement in his own blog cost an employee of the world's largest retail chain Walmart. Once, Andres Becker wrote that the destruction of all branches of the network will lead to an increase in the intelligence of people.The boss regarded the words as a threat. The potential "terrorist" was immediately dismissed. Another unfortunate Frenchman was fired simply for calling his job boring on a blog.

Vegetarianism as part of sexual orientation. Italian Romiro Carrera was fired for his love of plant-based foods. His boss, having learned about the vegetarianism of his subordinate, for some reason concluded that he was gay. And for cruel and serious work, such an employee is not suitable.

Sexy cop. It is not clear what was going on in the head of the Canadian Tina Bartis, who works in the police, when she once decided to appear on the streets of the city topless. The townspeople appreciated this step, calling for the help of colleagues of a brave woman. Attempts to persuade Tina to get dressed have failed. Bartis still managed to complete her promenade. She was rewarded with dismissal from the police and a fine for disorderly conduct.

Bad joke. American Michael Kelly no longer works for the popular fast food chain. The man lost his job with an unsuccessful joke. Kelly took a bath in the sink that prepares food for the diners. No one would have known about the trick, except that the action was filmed by Michael's partner and then posted on the Internet. The employee received a loud dismissal, and the restaurant received a scandal and an inspection check.

Improper conception. Katrina Amanto taught at a Catholic school. For a long time, a woman could not choose a father for her child, deciding to resort to artificial conception. However, this decision resulted in her dismissal. After all, Catholicism believes that everyone has the right to be conceived in marriage. Artificial insemination fundamentally violates this rule.

An indecent gesture. Kevin Slater worked as a school bus driver. One day, he caught up with the limousine of George W. Bush, the President of the United States. The children reacted joyfully to such a meeting by waving their hands to the politician. But Kevin did not think of anything better than to show Bush the middle finger. The driver lost his job because he "set a bad example for the children."

Stealing pizza. Pizza is a traditional companion to American office lunches. One developer worked for his company for a year and a half. But a promising career was unexpectedly ruined by a slice of plain pizza. The manager once noticed that his colleagues left lunch, leaving half-eaten pieces on the table. The man thought that they would be thrown out anyway and decided to satisfy his hunger with them. But it turned out that the employees wanted to take the leftover pizza home after work, and a hungry colleague upset their plans. To educate the employee, the boss was called, and it came to the vice president of the company. After a month of litigation, the pizza thief was fired from the company.

Unfortunate bagel. It turns out that even a bagel can become the reason for dismissal. One employee worked for a company looking for directors and vice presidents. The woman was invited to her place by the boss to discuss plans and have coffee and bagels. At the end of the working day, the employee was announced a layoff. The unfortunate bagel became the reason. The woman still cannot believe what happened. After all, she was accused of eating a bagel too slowly, although she overtook the boss. In fact, she deliberately delayed the procedure, and eating a flour dish was a kind of test for laziness.

Wrong lunch time. One American library employee was fired for coming to work too early. The woman worked there for eight months, accustomed to arriving early. But she also began to dine earlier. The boss said that such an early lunch is bad for other employees, so the employee should quit.

"Hit" on the chief. One man worked in a distribution plant. One day, his boss asked him to deliver parts to another office nearby. But the forklift, driving out of the parking lot, got stuck in a ditch. The chief saw what had happened and ran out of the office to help. But it was at this moment that the unlucky driver turned on the reverse gear and ran over the boss's leg. To top it off, he was all covered in mud. Nevertheless, the rabies soon passed, and only a trace on his leg remained from the collision. The boss generously forgave the driver. But when, a week later, he also broke the door in the warehouse with a forklift, the boss was forced to fire his abuser.

Unsuccessful resume. Newspaper job ads can sometimes help you lose your job. One employee just joined a wholesale company. After working there for only 4 months, he found an advertisement in the newspaper for a position that seemed to him better than the current one. The final address was the mailbox, where the resume was sent. Imagine his amazement when it turned out that it fell directly into the hands of the current leadership. The failed candidate was immediately summoned to the boss. He told the employee that if he was dissatisfied with the work, then it would be better to look for other options. The hero boldly asked to provide him with the job, which was discussed in the ad. However, the company decided that it did not need such an employee.

Bad hearing. One employee was fired for sending parcels to a non-existent character. When the boss went on vacation, the man was received to send parcels with data to a certain Michael Finn. The employee diligently carried out the assignment daily. To do this, he even stayed after work to have time to get the job done. The boss returned from vacation and from horror learned about the diligent activities of her subordinate. After all, she asked to send a microfilm, and the unfortunate man simply did not hear the words well.

Approximate work. And this injured manager was very fond of his office work. He liked everything there - the schedule, colleagues, the activity itself. The employee's task was to automate the work of the enterprise, which he successfully coped with, bringing many actions to automatism. Once employees were notified that each of them would be interviewed by their superiors for a future job in the company. Our hero was so excited that he began to take on any business, carrying out any assignments. As a result, at the meeting, the boss informed him that thanks to the employee, the work had become so fast and automatic that there was no more work for him. The poor guy got great recommendations and got laid off.

Indian labor. One American lost his job for the unique reason that he was not an Indian. The man found himself a job in a Washington state casino. There he repaired equipment - computers, slot machines. He liked the job, all the more satisfied with the salary of $ 17 per hour. Suddenly, one day the employee was announced about his dismissal, explaining this with trivial reasons - the lack of paper in the printer, a program not installed on the computer. But this was not part of his duties. A couple of weeks later, a friend of the victim said in confidence that he was simply replaced by an Indian from one of the local tribes. He agreed to half the salary, however, the tribe deducted part of the income in favor of the tribe.

Laughter from the heart. One employee suffered because of his cheerful nature. He worked for the US Department of Defense, renovating officers' housing. One day, an employee accompanied an important general to his apartment. But just at this time, the cleaners did a good job on the floors. The general did not heed the warnings of caution. The very first step turned into a beautiful somersault. The general was helped up, and the employee saw the carpet cleaner choking with laughter. The repairman could not resist and laughed heartily. Just two weeks later, the cheerful employee was fired, but he is sure - the spectacle was worth it.

Expensive lunch. One loser was fired because his boss dined too expensive. Together they gave a presentation at a golf course near Pebble Beach. When it came time for lunch, a subordinate politely suggested that the chef buy a hamburger on the golf course, because there food would be cheaper than in town. But the boss decided not to deny himself by ordering an excellent dinner with wine. Just two weeks later, the director informed his subordinate that he was fired. Investors decided to cut funding, cutting the most unnecessary employees. The dismissed was surprised, because he was the only one who provided sales in the company. And the reason for the funding cut may have been the $ 75 lunch.

Favorite radio station. One woman worked in a hairdressing salon for only 2 months. One day she switched the radio to another station. However, the authorities did not like the new music, for which the woman was fired.

Losing weight. One employee managed to lose weight from 189 pounds to 135 pounds. But in the new uniform, he became the object of nagging from the boss. The man was busy changing the price tags in the store, and as he lost weight, the boss demanded that he work faster and faster. When the weight loss program was over, it turned out that there was no longer work for the employee.

Beavis and Butthead at the poultry farm. This story could be the decoration of a series about two assholes - Beavis and Butthead. Two guys worked part-time at a poultry farm. All they had to do was place the processed chicken carcasses on the tape of the terminal for packaging. One day during lunch, the guys found a dead vulture on the street. Friends did not think of anything better how to please some buyer with an exotic bird. The neck was also sent for packaging. The packers' careers were short-lived. True, before being fired, they were also forced to disinfect the entire premises.

An unnecessary responsibility. One girl, aged 16, was filling donuts. Once it started working almost until midnight, and the owner of the store was in no hurry to change it. When she told the boss that she had already worked out much more than she was supposed to, he ultimately demanded to stay. The girl did not dare to argue with the leader. Soon he appeared with a sawed-off shotgun in his hands and announced his dismissal. After all, he needed a more responsible employee.

Contemplation. One guy worked as a security guard at the courthouse. Once, two girls started a conversation with him and his partner. However, the conversation did not work out, and they had to leave. In offense at the inhospitable guards, one girl lay down on a conveyor belt along which things are X-rayed. One of the guards turned on the mechanism, illuminating the visitor with beams. This entire scene was filmed on a surveillance camera, it did not remain outside the attention of the supervisor. One guy ended up fired for his X-ray pranks, and the other for contemplating the girl without disturbing his friend.

School grudges. This sad story had a happy ending. One 40-year-old man worked as a server in a restaurant. His boss was the daughter of his own classmate, whom he offended at school. The daughter followed in the footsteps of her parent. One day she yelled at the server for overcrowding the restaurant as a result of his slow work. He was so scared that he dropped the plate. The reaction was immediate - a nervous lady informed the employee about the dismissal right in front of many visitors. The happy end of the story is that the main character has now got rid of his tyrannical family forever.

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