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Meaning of the name

Daniel in translation from Hebrew means "God is my judge".


In early childhood - a calm and smiling child, no more sick than all children. Daniels are like a mother, sympathetic, kind, but cunning. They love to play football, are fond of wrestling, tennis, gymnastics, but all this is only for health.

These men are very hot-tempered, jealous, impulsive. By profession, they are administrators, doctors, educators, electronics engineers, entrepreneurs, artists, musicians, as well as drivers, shoemakers, builders.

It seems invisible in the crowd, but his powerful mind, hard work and inexhaustible good nature soon set him apart from outwardly spectacular rivals. She attaches great importance to family and kinship ties. Usually he spends the holidays among his numerous relatives. Outgoing and hospitable.

Their marriage is successful. They love children, but they don't help their wife around the house. They are happy to spend time in the country. They are sociable and hospitable. They dance well and sing in the company. They are immensely kind to family and friends.

Refers to men who can withstand the storm. Pioneer. Unhurried in thought, but determined. The house is a full bowl, the circle is full of things worked by the ancestors. Cannot stand lies, may even flare up, but then quickly departs. He sometimes seems somewhat timid, a woman does not immediately discern masculine strength in him.

Tires quickly. Although overwork should be distinguished from work and a certain mental state. It is better to spend your vacation by the water. Weak spots are the genitals and the nervous system. Hot-tempered, but not unforgiving, they quickly withdraw and immediately reconcile.

They love to leave and return home. Kind and helpful. They hardly change with age, only get fat. They are picky about food and will never make comments to their wife about a tasteless dinner. They don't wear things very neatly. Some people like preference.


He seems very modest, sometimes timid, a woman does not immediately discern masculine strength in him. Meanwhile, he is temperamental and sexually active enough.

Daniel often changes partners, but prefers not to talk about his love affairs. He is able to give happiness to each of his many friends, albeit for a short time.

However, he is not omnivorous: preferring experienced partners, he nevertheless will certainly prefer an inexperienced intellectual to a primitive, uncultured professional woman, feeling in her a kindred spirit.

He is fluent in the art of sex and always reaches orgasm at the same time as his partner, listening carefully to her erotic experiences. The crown of intimacy for him is the onset of a feeling of spiritual and physical satisfaction, deep gratitude to his partner.

In Daniel, a selfless heartfelt affection for a woman gives rise to passion, a desire for possession, and sexual contact. First of all, he wants to be loved, to share with his girlfriend all the joys and worries, he knows how to live not only for himself, but also for her.

Daniel is not characterized by such deep feelings, intimacy sometimes comes down to his desire to relieve sexual tension, often it does not bring him moral satisfaction, psychological comfort, and sometimes even leads to disappointment.

He attaches great importance to sexual harmony in marriage, therefore, when planning to marry, he pays attention to the sexuality of his chosen one. He is patient with his wife, tries to yield to her, betrayal is practically unfamiliar to him.


Red brown.

A rock


Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Daniel gives the impression of something good, beautiful, majestic, rude, courageous, strong, loud, brave, big, bright, joyful.

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