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Meaning of the name

Dora is translated from Greek as "gifted". The name Dora came about and became independent, as an abbreviation from the name Dorothea ("given by God") or Isidora - "given by Isis".


Dora is very proud and values ​​her independence very much. The energy of this name presupposes considerable firmness, resilience and some depth into oneself. In general, the name is very balanced and has the necessary stability.

The only pity is that it lacks some plasticity and mobility, and this unnecessarily sharpens Dora's sensitivity. In this regard, the full forms of the name are much more beneficial, after all, no passport office can forbid Dora to call herself Dorothea or Isidora.

It should be noted that the second option is more acceptable for modern Russia. So, feeling like Isidora, Dora can rid herself of some, albeit distant, but very unpleasant associations, I will not specify which ones, but besides, she can feel a little more inner relaxedness and emotional freedom.

Otherwise, the outwardly coldish Dora is likely to be a very vulnerable and sensitive person, trying to hide her emotional experiences behind a mask of indifferent calmness. Or she will play the opposite role of such a windy and careless woman. Both will not be able to relieve her self-esteem from pain, since it is much more important here to have genuine mental balance, and not to create its appearance.

It is most favorable if Dora's sense of humor is directed at her herself - good self-irony has not yet been able to harm anyone in the world, but it has brought benefits to more than one hundred people. Having smoothed out her slight vulnerability from everyone and becoming more open, Dora will be able to ensure for herself really normal relationships both in the family and at work. And her career will go much faster, because, having got rid of painful experiences, she will free up her energy for more interesting pursuits.

It is far from always possible to guess Dora's state of mind and her real thoughts, sometimes she is mocking, sometimes cold, sometimes reckless, but usually this is just a way of self-defense or self-affirmation. Never forget that you are dealing with a strong, but very vulnerable woman, whose simple feelings are heightened and who, just like everyone else, needs simple human warmth and participation.

Introverts are not influenced by other people. However, one should not think that they are hiding in their hollow from the surrounding life, although they find in it the comfort they need so much. They think about their further plans and actions there.

Their personality is colored by a charming impressionability. These women have a spirit of contradiction. Failures are hard, sometimes explode with anger, but soon they again take a journey towards the same goal. Dora is neither arrogant nor self-confident, often just timid.

They do everything according to the conceived and established plan. They carefully choose their profession, educational institution and persistently move towards the goal. They enjoy difficult and dangerous professions that require risk. For example, they can become aviators.

They have a presentiment of the future, sometimes they have amazing visions in this regard, but they cannot always use this to their advantage. They love to criticize others, but without sarcasm or intent.

Extremely active. They choose sincere friends for themselves, but if one of them turns out to be dishonest, they are able to take revenge. You should not invade their kingdom or drop in to see them at an inopportune time. Men, you can invite them to dinner, but without secret intent - they see right through you.

Conclusion. Do not demand more from these women than they can give you, and remember that Dora will never leave social, professional activities for domestic slavery.


Excitability is strong, which, fortunately, is balanced by a titanic will. Very picky. They love only what belongs to them.

It often seems that social, professional life completely overshadows their personal life. Dora's sexuality manifests itself on condition of absolute trust in the partner, they are very afraid of his betrayal.



A rock


Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Dora gives the impression of something heavy, courageous, cold, mighty, big.

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