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Mexicans are very similar to the Portuguese in their temperamental and hot-tempered character, about which stories and legends are made. Mexicans do not tolerate ridicule of any kind, believing that it humiliates their dignity.

Hot and passionate Mexican men are capable of very strong feelings, they love sincerely and give this feeling all of themselves. Along with this, they have insane jealousy, which sometimes goes beyond boundaries and manifests itself in cruelty towards women.

A Mexican can be jealous of any passer-by for his spouse, and jealousy can even arise from scratch. It’s better for Mexicans to appear ridiculous than to be recognized as a cuckold, and he also cannot tolerate ridicule from anyone.

For this reason, women are very careful not only in their behavior, but even in their words, they always have to monitor what and to whom they say, because many things can be conveyed to the spouse incorrectly, and then problems cannot be avoided.

In principle, women try not to be near an unfamiliar man and even communicate too often with their male relatives. The women themselves in Mexico, too, have not gone far from male jealousy, they also quickly light up, like a flared match.

Often in the family, scandals and quarrels can arise with mutual reproaches and insults. However, parents will never sort things out when children are in the house, so as not to disturb their peace of mind and not to overshadow their cloudless childhood life.

For Mexicans, a family is not only a spouse, a spouse, children who are adored by everyone in the family, family means parents, as well as all more or less close relatives, of which there are sometimes a great many.

It is not even always possible to immediately understand who and to whom of the relatives, and how close these relatives are to each other, but they are all friendly and tightly connected by common family traditions and norms of behavior.

In a Mexican family, women do not work, the responsibilities of housekeeping and raising children fall on their shoulders. Women, of course, can work, but this is not obligatory, and some men are even categorically against it, since they believe that only a man must solve all financial issues in Mexico.

The man is the main breadwinner in the family, and he is obliged to bring home money, the woman and the house have enough work, she is loaded with household chores and raising children.

Mexicans are distinguished by their cleanliness, and therefore the house is cleaned several times a week, the same applies to the laundry. By the time the man returns home, the house should be in complete order, a hot and plentiful dinner should be waiting for him on the table.

A man in Mexico, of course, is considered strong, but this does not apply to him doing something around the house on his own, this applies even to the most basic things, such as hammering a nail and fixing a door handle. For all this, they believe there are masters. A man in Mexico is not equipped to do any housework.

In Mexican families, such a feature as female solidarity is pronounced. The entire female half of the family in Mexico is very close to each other and always shares the most intimate things.

The daughter-in-law and mother-in-law become the closest friends who can communicate with each other on absolutely all topics and the mother-in-law takes an active part in the life of her son, always listens to the complaints of her daughter-in-law, trying to take measures to eliminate family problems. In addition, the mother-in-law is an irreplaceable source of information and she can give any advice to her daughter-in-law, even in an intimate relationship.

When all Mexican families gather for all significant dates and events, then these meetings are noisy and stormy. Mexicans love to express their emotions and such events are just a joy for them, because there they can have a lot of talk and chat with those people whom they have not seen for a long time.

Children for Mexicans are truly flowers of life. Love for children here cannot be measured by any framework, they have the same rights in the family as adults and enjoy complete freedom.

Children invariably take part in all family events and celebrations; in Mexico, children are always present at all significant and important family councils. Mexicans never punish their children, sometimes they even encourage their hooligan acts, especially for boys.

Mexican men are directly involved in raising their children. They do not see anything shameful in feeding, changing clothes or bathing the child, and as for walking with children and joint family vacations, there is nothing to even talk about, because the man is the very first to organize such events.

Moreover, a man himself can take parental leave and this despite the fact that the mother does not work and is at home.

Children in Mexico grow up very late precisely because they are too closely guarded by their parents. Even as adults, they are not able to completely get rid of parental addiction.

Parents take it hard to part with their children, when children are going to start their own families and leave the parental home, parents very hard agree with this.

Throughout their lives, parents support their children in every possible way, especially for their sons, because they get the most from parental, and especially motherly, love.

Mothers are very upset about parting with their favorites. However, this parting is said loudly, because the sons then spend a lot of time with their mother, and the mother herself often visits her son's house.

With such an attitude of children, one can not even say that parents in a Mexican family are never left alone, they are always looked after by their children. They can even be taken into their home by any of the children, but Mexicans will never hand over their parents to nursing homes.

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