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Arab countries do not have to be hostages to the strict rules and customs of Muslim society. A life that follows the rules written many centuries ago becomes simply not interesting and boring. People do not live their own independent lives, but simply blindly follow the laws.

This is especially true of women who are forced to live as if their whole life is to clean up their husband's house and raise his children. There is no time to visit your family and friends, there is no opportunity to have girlfriends with whom you could meet from time to time and take a break from your daily work.

In Lebanon, it is much easier in this regard, because here you can feel the presence of other cultures that contribute to the life of the whole society. Both languages ​​can be considered native in this country.

Women in Lebanon have enough rights and freedoms, they can have a great time with a cup of coffee with their neighbors and girlfriends, after they send their men to work in the morning. Lebanese women manage to do a huge amount of chores around the house all day, take care of the children, and they still have free time to relax and gossip with their friends.

However, this applies to women who are engaged only in the household. Most of the women in Lebanon work and often hold fairly high positions.

Of course, as is customary in Muslim society, in Lebanon, a man is the boss in the house, who is charged with the responsibility to resolve all issues related to family and children. He is the main breadwinner in the family, he is faced with the task of providing his spouse and his children with everything they need.

Modern Lebanon is also education for children, which all parents try to give to their children, if possible, so that they can get enough knowledge and get a good job.

There are opportunities for education, which increases the level of education in the country every year, because the Lebanese government is interested in providing the country with specialists.

In Lebanon, it is very rare for children to live with their parents after starting their own family. The parents themselves are doing everything possible to provide their children with separate housing, where they could start an independent life.

The family of the groom is in charge of housing, and the bride's parents have to make expensive gifts and, most often, these are furniture and various utensils for the house and for the household. Plus, the bride also has a dowry.

In the city and in the villages, the Lebanese housing consists of three rooms, one of which is necessarily used in order to receive guests. It can be a living room, but basically, one room remains just for such moments when guests gather in the house on the occasion of any holidays and events.

Not every family, of course, has the opportunity to purchase a fairly large apartment, so the kitchen or the largest room of the house or apartment is used to receive guests. If there is not enough space to accommodate the guest, then he may be offered the place of the owner of the house, if there is a need to leave the guest for the night.

Every Lebanese woman should be able to cook very well. As a result, a man, before marrying, must learn about the culinary abilities of his future wife. The groom's relatives can be invited to lunch or dinner, which must be prepared by the bride.

The birth of children in Lebanese families is celebrated very loudly and cheerfully when a large number of people come to this event: friends, relatives, relatives and friends. Absolutely everyone brings gifts. Moreover, gifts for the child are brought within a month and a half and are mainly presented with jewelry.

One and a half months is just enough for all the closest relatives, neighbors and friends to have time to congratulate the parents on the birth of the child and make a gift to the baby himself. We can say that during this month and a half, children collect most of their dowry, because at this time it is customary to give expensive gifts.

In general, in Lebanon, for every holiday and for every significant event, it is customary to give expensive gifts, which are, first of all, a tribute to the person to whom the gift is intended. Even if the neighbors just come for lunch or dinner, or even for a conversation, even then the owners of the house are presented with small souvenirs.

For Lebanese, neighbors are no less close people than relatives and friends. They live with the same neighbors for almost their entire lives and therefore they become really very dear. To offend a neighbor for a Lebanese is like offending a family member and this can lead to serious conflicts.

The same applies to the moment when a family member is abused by a stranger. In this case, a rather large quarrel may occur between members of two families, which will lead to long-term conflicts and quarrels.

However, for the most part Lebanese are very outgoing and friendly. Lebanese families are always ready to receive guests, no matter what time they come and even without an invitation. The table will always be full of all kinds of dishes and treats, the hosts will always be happy to talk to guests and listen to the latest news, share their own.

The most honorable place at the table will always be reserved for the guest, and the best dishes will be served from the hands of the host himself. Every home will prepare amazing Arabic coffee, which is famous for its taste throughout the world.

Lebanese are always ready to communicate and are always very friendly. They know how to maintain a conversation, both men and women, which can drag on for a long time.

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