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Meaning of the name

Thekla translated from Greek means "the glory of God".


Since childhood, Fyokla has been very cheerful, sociable, kind. She grows up as a healthy and inquisitive girl, but she does not study very well at school. Fyokla is very wayward, quick-tempered, impressionable, when Fyokla is angry, it is better to stay further away from her.

Growing up, Thekla does not become much more serious. She graduates from college only because her parents insist on it.

Fyokla uncontrollably strives for the goal, but if more or less serious obstacles are encountered on her way, she immediately changes her goal. Can work as a designer, actress, fashion designer, journalist, dreams of getting on television.

Fyokla marries early, but often not successfully. The second marriage brings her peace of mind, Fyokla becomes softer, more tolerant and kinder.


Fyokla in a relationship is emotional, domineering, knows well what she needs, and knows how to achieve her goal. She loves men, in their society she becomes lively, charming, flirtatious. She prefers strong, courageous men, it gives her pleasure to defeat them, dominate in intimacy.

In bed, she is somewhat aggressive, very quickly excited, takes the initiative. He likes to publicly expose his feelings and emotions, since he perceives such behavior as a kind of freedom.

Fyokla has a very sensitive body, especially the chest, lower back. During sex, he seeks to please only himself, and therefore often sees in a partner only a tool for satisfying his passion.

Fyokla is usually vain in love, she can be happy if she realizes that in sexual life one must be able to give, and not just take. She is extremely jealous, but tries hard to hide it. He does not advertise his love affairs. Failure in an intimate life is difficult, withdrawing into himself.

With men, Thekla is too truthful, sometimes to her own detriment, which brings her a lot of suffering.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Aquarius, Aries, Libra, Leo.


The sound of the name Thekla gives the impression of something weak, fragile.

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