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Meaning of the name

Glafira translated from Greek means "refined".


Glafira has been strict since childhood and does not smile at all, she looks like her father in everything. This is a secretive, self-absorbed nature, it is difficult to find a common language with her.

Glafira is very fond of needlework, there is always perfect order in her house, she loves guests very much. In the circle of close people, her constraint disappears, she becomes the soul of the company.

Glafira is persistent, stubborn, defends her opinion to the last, always acts in her own way. In marriage, Glafira is the leader who keeps both her husband and children in "iron grip". Glafira is usually a mother of many children.

Glafira, born in autumn, is a very reserved woman, not sociable. Its fate is usually not easy. Glafira is very hardworking, thanks to this she achieves a lot in life, however, she sets somewhat low goals for herself, she does not really believe in her strengths and abilities.


Glafira is constantly loyal to her chosen one. She values ​​little female friendship, is more friends with men. Glafira is not flashy, but a beautiful woman, does not like to wear bright clothes and scent with exquisite perfume, her beauty is rather modest and natural.

Glafira is quite energetic, directed upward, but she carefully hides it. Does not reject long romantic courtship, which gradually leads to intimacy. She is affectionate and gentle with her partner, loves to arrange an intimate date beautifully, external attributes increase her enjoyment of sex.

Glafira is a little jealous and sometimes suspicious, only having caught her lover of infidelity, she becomes unpredictable, but she does not suit scenes and scandals.

Her marriage usually goes well. Having married, she lives with her family, caring for her husband and children.

Her sexual behavior largely depends on her partner: she is not alien to prejudices, she does not always respond readily to erotic affection, and she herself hardly shows any initiative.

The strength of her sexual desire largely depends on her psychological state, mental comfort and is determined by the duration of her intimate relationship with this partner.

Glafira attaches great importance to platonic love, without making sex a cult. But he knows how to use it talentedly, for example, if you need to restore a broken relationship with her husband.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Aquarius, Gemini.


The sound of Glafir's name gives the impression of something rough, small.

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