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Agi - good and chaste, saint
Agnes - chaste, saint
Agota is good
Adrinn - from Hadriya
Alida is a noble species
Aliz is a noble species
Amalya - work
Anasstasia - restored
Angyalka - angelic
Aniko - benefit, grace
Annaska - benefit, grace
Aranka - golden

Bernadette - bold as a bear
Bianca - white
Bit - blessed
Bozsey - God is my oath
Borbala - foreign, strange
Brigitte - Exalted

Valeria is strong
Victoria - conqueror, victory
Vilma - helmet

Gertrude - the power of the spear
Giongy - pearl
Giorgi - a peasant woman
Giorgi - peasant woman

Gisella - bail
Jizi - pledge
Joseph - she will multiply
Jola - purple flower
Jolan - purple flower
Jolanka - purple flower
Judith - Jewish, Jewish woman
Julie - youth
Julianne - youth
Juliska - youth
Julia - youth
Dora is a gift from God
Dorica - a gift from God
Dorottya - a gift from God
Duki - from Magdala

Eve - alive, living

Ibolla - purple, purple flower
Isabella - God is my oath
Ildi - slain
Ildiko - slain
Ildo - slain
Or - torch, moon or secretly escape
Ilka - torch, moon or secretly escape
Ilona - torch, moon or secretly escape
Ilonka - torch, moon or secretly escape
Irene - peace
Irmask - whole, universal
Istvan - crown

Camilla - caretaker (for the temple)
Carola is a man
Carolina is a man
Kata - pure
Katya is clean
Kato - pure
Keely is blind
Kinga - will survive the war
Kitty is clean
Clara - clear, bright
Clothild - famous battle
Cornelia - horn
Christina is a follower of Christ
Xylla is a star
Caitalin - pure
Catarina - pure

Lajza is a famous warrior
Lysia - lucky

Magdolna - from Magdala
Margareta - pearl
Margit - pearl
Mariyka - beloved
Marika is the beloved
Mariska - sweetheart
Maria is the beloved
Martha is a lady
Martaska - lady
Matilda - Mighty in Battle
Monica - informant

Nicolet - victory of people
Nicolette - victory of people
Natalia - birthday, or church Christmas

Orsolya - a little bear

Panny - benefit, grace
Piri - Ancient
Piroska - Ancient

Rachel - Sheep
Rebeca is the one who traps
Renata - Born Again
Rose - rose
Rosalia - rose
Roses - rose
Rosey - rose

Sara is a princess
Sari - princess
Sarika - princess
Szilvia - from the forest

Tand - fairy
Thunder - fairy
Theca the reaper
Theodora - a gift from God
Theres the Reaper
Theresia the reaper
Timea - honor

Felikian - lucky
Felicia - lucky
Felicitas - luck
Firenz - blooming
Frankiska - free
Francie - free
Frida - the power of an elf
Fruzsina - joy

Hajna - kind, merciful
Hajnal - Dawn
Hajnolka - Dawn

Csatsa - lily
Csazsa - lily
Csazsanna - lily
Csazsi - lily
Csasa - lily
Csaint - good god
Csizzi - God is my oath
Tsseoka - God is my oath
Tsofika - wisdom
Tssofia - wisdom

Ewike - alive, living
Edith - well-being and struggle
Emese - mother
Eneh - deer
Eniko - deer
Erzsebet - God is my oath
Erzsi - God is my oath
Eszter is a star
Eszti is a star
Ethel - noble

Yufrozina - joy

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