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Meaning of the name

Ishmael translated from Hebrew means "may God hear."


Little Ishmael is unusually stubborn and resourceful. This little liar leads the parents to utter despair, and it is absolutely impossible to pin him to the wall: he will come up with a hundred excuses and will fool anyone. His deceit borders on fantasy, it becomes so much a habit that the boy ceases to distinguish between fiction and truth and begins to sincerely believe himself.

Fortunately, by the age of eighteen, this feature of Ishmael's character disappears, as if it did not exist. What remains is a rich imagination, intuition, the ability to imagine the course of events in advance. It's hard to believe that this shy, modest, hardworking and obligatory person is the same Ishmael. He has a heightened sense of justice, and this causes a lot of inconvenience in relations with superiors.

Ishmael can endure injustice for a long time, and then express everything and "slam the door." Inwardly timid, Ishmael is distinguished by courage and even fearlessness when life puts him in extreme conditions.

Ishmael is ambitious, but not a careerist; ambition is combined with a high sense of duty and responsibility. Alas, his talent often turns out to be unrealized.

This is a kind and generous person, he treats money easily, believing that it exists for this purpose, to spend it.

He marries early, he has a son, but happiness usually does not last long. His first marriage rarely goes well, and this is most often due to a difficult relationship with his mother-in-law.


Impulsive, quick-tempered. Good-natured, seeks to help everyone. Marries twice. Ishmael is too temperamental, emotional. But this manifests itself only in sex, in everyday life he is balanced and calm.

Ishmael is a lover of novelty and variety in sexual relations, enjoys improvising, experimenting during intercourse. Does not tolerate objections from a woman, a leader in bed.

He enjoys the satisfaction of his partner, is not selfish, intimacy for him is a way of achieving mutual pleasure. It is in sex that Izmail demonstrates the versatility of his imagination, individual character traits, and the variety of spiritual qualities.

Only in sex can he fully reveal himself, but only with a partner who matches his ideal. In intercourse, Ishmael relieves internal stress after a hard day at work. Does not make love while drunk, takes sex too seriously, and does not want to dull the feelings that can be experienced during intimate communication.

Not every partner can satisfy Ishmael's desires, he is demanding and sophisticated. He knows how to please a woman, but in order to get satisfaction himself, he must feel love for her. With a partner, who gave Ishmael great pleasure, he tries not to part for a long time.

He is not a supporter of numerous sexual relationships, he is more concerned with health and stability, the opportunity to do what he loves, without being carried away in search of a new girlfriend.

Ishmael's degree of love and emotional attachment to each partner is different, and this allows him to compare and ultimately choose the best option for himself. Much depends on the woman, her patience and endurance.

You need to love Ishmael very much in order to bind him to yourself. He is gentle, tactful and helpful, but this does not mean that he will choose you.

It is not at all necessary for him to be convinced of the loyalty and constancy of a woman; he believes that he will find his destiny unexpectedly. So it all depends on the feelings of the partner. Ishmael does not make any plans for the future, relying on the will of fate. He knows how to find a common language with any woman, but he will experience the happiness of love with only one.

In marriage, jealous, but carefully hides it. Children of different sexes are born, whom he adores. Reliable support for the spouse and family. Sex for him is not only procreation, but also the phenomenon of warm, trusting relationships with his wife.



A rock


Zodiac sign

A fish.


The sound of the name Ishmael gives the impression of something good, beautiful, bright, joyful.

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