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Meaning of the name

Yuri translated from Old Slavonic means "farmer".


In childhood, Yuri is a calm, obedient child, focused on his inner world. Yuri plays with his peers, he has friends, but more he loves to watch the clouds running across the sky. Yuri loves animals, constantly feeds stray dogs and cats. Yuri is a good student at school, then at the institute.

He is persistent in achieving his goals. Yuri has a philosophical mindset, restrained behavior. There is some artistry in Yuri's behavior.

Yuri can work as an engineer, electrician, auditor. His work colleagues respect him. Yuri is not averse to staying after work for a glass of beer, but he does not like big, noisy companies.

Women love Yuri - they find him very aristocratic and artistic. Usually a woman takes the first step, since Yuri is somewhat passive in relations with women. In family life, Yuri is careful, helps his wife with the housework, actively participates in raising children.


It is difficult to captivate Yuri, he can be on friendly terms with a woman for a long time, but not show any interest. However, as soon as a woman hints to Yuri about her feelings, he will show her how interested he is in her. Yuri in love surrounds his beloved with attention, affection, warmth.

His sexuality completely depends on the woman's attitude towards him. If he feels that the woman is not sincere enough with him, Yuri withdraws into himself, and sex turns into a kind of mechanical process.

If love and passion are felt in relation to a woman, Yuri opens up, enjoying his partner to the fullest, and giving her true pleasure. Yuri during intimacy is very gentle, his sophisticated caresses can drive a woman crazy. Yuri likes women who need to be won.


Brownish green.

A rock


Zodiac sign

Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Capricorn.


The sound of the name Yuri gives the impression of something light, slow, kind.

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