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Meaning of the name

Kaleria translated from ancient Greek means "hot".


Since childhood, Kaleria has been very emotional and stubborn, and she will be so even as she grows up. Kaleria usually looks like her father, although her mother's character took over. She is an excellent student at school, has a sharp mind and the same language, for which she often falls from adults.

Kaleria does not like sports, but he has a very athletic form. He has good health, but after thirty he begins to bother the joints.

Kaleria is too straightforward in dealing with people, from which he suffers. She is very strong-willed and decisive, she can do anything. Kaleria is cautious, not trusting, prudent, practically does not get into ambiguous situations.

Kaleria is vindictive, she is able to conceal anger for a long time, to wait for the moment in order to begin to take revenge. She takes revenge directly, not surreptitiously.

Kaleria marries early, usually to a classmate with whom she has been friends since childhood. They live happily, the joy of family life is slightly overshadowed by the not very well-established way of life and the morning grumbling of Kaleria.

Kaleria can work as a translator, designer, referent, analyst in the field of economics and finance.


Kaleria is very temperamental, easily excitable, expects sensuality from sex, ready to indulge in love games for a long time. She expects a full return from a man, endures even a momentary bodily separation extremely painfully, during intimacy she wants to merge with her partner, dissolve in him, prolong pleasure.

Kaleria needs admiration for her, she literally drowns in the passionate words of her lover. For her, words are an integral part of intimacy. Even more she needs affection after intercourse, Kaleria takes it almost as an insult when, after intimacy, a man immediately falls asleep.

However, not all men are capable of exceptional sensitivity and patience. For the man who can still give her all this, she will give unforgettable moments of bliss.

Kaleria is good at love and knows how to reward her partner with affection and tenderness. She is just the dream of any man in sex, she gives herself to her partner entirely, for her there are no prohibitions in carnal love. Kaleria experiences happiness when desired. With her sexual behavior, she can easily tie a man to her. Falling in love with Kaleria is easy, but leaving her is not at all easy.


Light yellow.

A rock


Zodiac sign

Aries, Libra.


The sound of the name Kaleria gives the impression of something good, light, joyful, beautiful.

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