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Meaning of the name

Cornelius means "horn" in Latin.


The name betrays a person with significant, and sometimes painful, pride. An important role here is played by the image of Korney Chukovsky, whose wonderful works are known to almost every child.

However, at a young age, the presence of such an eminent namesake, combined with the rarity and conspicuousness of the name, can be not only a source of pride, but also a reason for ridicule and teasing. Most likely, all this will make Korney a very ambitious person and make him react painfully to any criticism.

Often in the society of Roots, he is somewhat withdrawn and wary, trying not to attract undue attention to himself. However, with such a noticeable name, it is unlikely that he will succeed, which can cause him to show coldness in relation to obsessive interlocutors. At the same time, behind his external restraint, emotions and passions often boil.

It happens that even an insignificant resentment gradually grows in his soul to a significant size, subsequently determining the negative attitude of Korney to his involuntary offender. It is a pity, because if you explain yourself in time, and do not keep the grievance in yourself, then, you see, there would be no misunderstandings in the future.

On the other hand, positive emotions sometimes reach considerable strength in Korney's soul. He has a powerful imagination and pronounced creative abilities, but painful pride usually prevents him from realizing his many talents.

There is no doubt that his hard work and thoroughness could provide him with a successful career, but for this he desperately needs to learn self-irony and become a little more open, softening misunderstandings with the help of humor. This can also save him from many family problems.

Do not overly trust Korney's restraint - his memory can remember evil for a very long time. The most negative attitude in him is caused by such human qualities as heightened conceit, inconstancy and commanding inclinations. Also, do not be too persistent in your requests and try to replace emotions with calm prudence in conversation.


Korney's sensitivity is inextricably linked to sex. Having once experienced pleasure, he seeks to experience it again and tirelessly seeks a woman who can satisfy him, give him the opportunity to feel bliss again.

In case of failure, he becomes irritable, disappointed and annoyed. The feeling of dissatisfaction does not leave him. Naturally, he thinks about the reasons for this and begins to look for them in himself. However, with love and great respect for each other, all these thoughts fade into the background.

The satisfaction of his beloved is the main source of Korney's happiness. For "winter" Korney, the first marriage ends in divorce. A son is born.


Dark green.

A rock

Earthen coal.

Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Cornelius gives the impression of something mobile.

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