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This legendary American brand was born in 1967. Ralph's father was a painter and artist, he came from Russia.

The family did not live well, maybe that is why the boy from childhood dreamed of a beautiful life, loved art. Although the teenager has a new dream - to become a professional basketball player, fate has prepared a different path for him.

At the age of 16, Livshits changed his last name to Lauren, because she sounded much nobler and more harmonious. After serving in the army and getting married, the young man entered the City College, where he began to comprehend economics and business. However, Ralph never finished his studies. He first got a job as a clothing salesman, and then began designing ties at Rivetz & Co. Once, an aspiring designer came up with a completely new wide tie. And this is in those days when everyone preferred thin herring ties. Then Lauren decided that with this find he could organize his own business.

In 1967, Ralph Lauren showed the world his first collection of ties created by him. At first, these models were not particularly in demand. But the designer was confident in himself, he knew that sooner or later he would find his buyer. In 1968 the Polo Fashions company was registered. And in 1969 she opened her own department at the famous Bloomingdale's department store.

At first, the company only offered ties and men's clothing. But the brand began to enjoy popularity, so in 1971 a line of women's clothing was also launched. However, the talent of a fashion designer did not imply management skills, which is why Lauren's company soon became almost bankrupt. She was saved by the investor Peter Smith, who took over as president. The financial infusions were beneficial, and production began to grow.

In 1978, perfumes from the Ralph Lauren brand appeared, and in 1983 also pieces of furniture, as well as home accessories. Since then, the brand has been considered a luxury brand, the whole world has learned about it. The first overseas boutique opened in 1981 in London. Today, under the roof of the Polo Ralph Lauren company, more than two hundred manufacturers are united who produce design items for various fields of application. The company is doing well and is constantly growing. Ralph Lauren himself is in the Forbes list of the 70 richest Americans. The designer began collecting vintage cars, but this collection of his is worth at least one hundred million dollars.

Since 1986, the designer has won the CFDA Designer of the Year award three times. In 1992, Lauren also received the Fashion Ambassador award for his achievements in this area. Today the brand's boutiques are spread all over the world. For a long time, the company was a sponsor of the US Open in tennis, which is one of the four most significant competitions in this sport. Recently, the Ralph Lauren logo can be found at Wimbledon.

Such cooperation with tennis is not surprising - after all, the brand's clothing is very elegant and made with high quality. The brand offers mostly expensive clothes, but it emphasizes the style and status of its owner. The company also produces a ready-to-wear line designed for everyday life. Such clothes have a democratic price, but the design is also simpler. Casual clothes from the famous brand turned out to be in demand, they are worn by young and modern residents of megacities.

In 1997, the shares of Polo Ralph Lauren appeared on the stock exchange, and a little later the brand became the owner of the Club Monaco retail network. To better commercialize the business, Ralph Lauren launched his own website, Polo.com. The designer said that the goal of his company is to stay abreast of all new trends, to remain enthusiastic, and also to maintain the image of a young and modern company that is not afraid of novelty.

An online store appeared on the same site the following year. And on runway.polo.com there were also women's collections. In 2002, the fashion house website rlhome.polo.com opened, and the following year, the global website global.polo.com was launched.

In 2002, the brand celebrated its 35th anniversary, and in honor of this it launched a large-scale advertising campaign on television and in the press. And five years later, Ralph Lauren himself released his book. The fashion designer paid special attention to the image of his brand, which is why the first showroom appeared in New York. The main line of Ralph Lauren was presented there, as well as other lines. The first Polo children's clothing boutique appeared in the same metropolis.

Attention to visitors is expressed in the fact that in 2003 the designer gives the opportunity to create a polo shirt at his own discretion, taking into account the color and logo he liked. And you can do this on the company's website, where they even created a special section. Now everyone can try themselves as a designer. Two years later, the book-album "Collection Diaries" was released, where the company described in detail how the autumn collection of women's clothing of that year was created.

In 2006, the brand opened its store in Tokyo. The release of a small collection of exclusive women's handbags and accessories was dedicated to this event. The company, in its desire to meet the spirit of the times, uses all the technical innovations. After the launch of the Internet sites, a huge touchscreen was installed at the entrance of the store on Madison Avenue. Directly on it, visitors can make purchases with a few taps at any time of the day.

The idea came from Steven Spielberg's Minority Report. It was decided to adapt the futuristic technology in order to increase sales. The next implemented innovation allowed American customers to shop using smartphones and the Internet from anywhere in the world. Ralph Lauren became the first luxury brand in the country to focus on online sales and implement QR codes in its advertising campaigns.

And in 2007, the Ralph Lauren boutique appeared in the capital of Russia, in Moscow. The designer himself says that such a step is not only in line with the development strategy, but also an opportunity to get acquainted with a new culture. In 2009, the successful brand launched its new “Draw Your Polo” project at the Parisian multi-brand Colette department store. Children are given a white polo shirt and given the opportunity to paint or decorate as they please.

Today, Ralph Lauren himself, with a fortune of $ 7.5 billion, is one of the 150 richest inhabitants of the planet. His company generates $ 300 million in net profit annually and employs over 12,000 people. There are more than 300 stores in the sales network.

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