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Meaning of the name

Laura means "crowned with laurel" in Latin.


Little Laura is in great need of adoration, attention and love. She is very curious, mobile, cheerful and sociable. Growing up, changes little, differs in self-criticism, intolerance to the mistakes and mistakes of others and his own miscalculations. Her temperament is phlegmatic, although Laura is not active. She studies well, is mobile, often attends various circles and sections.

The adult Laura is distinguished by synthetic thinking, she is able to cover the whole problem, making the right decision at lightning speed. She has a well-developed intuition, but Laura will most likely use logical inferences to find ways out of a critical situation.

She is strict and pedantic, does not like when something is done without her consent. She loves long trips, leads an active, active lifestyle, therefore, most often she chooses the profession of a journalist, photojournalist, tour guide, photo model or fashion model.

This woman is extremely sociable, she has many friends and girlfriends. She loves to "cry into her waistcoat" and is terribly offended if any of her friends or relatives will treat her problems without proper attention and understanding. But she doesn't really need help - the main thing is friendly participation. Failures do not unsettle Laura, she is used to solving her problems on her own.


Laura has a refined taste and graceful manners, flirtatious and charming. She devotes a lot of time to beauty treatments, diligently visiting spas and massage rooms. She is very loving and sexy, has many fans.

Laura always gets her way. If, after a long and meticulous study of possible candidates for husbands, weighing all the pros and cons, she comes to the conclusion that one of them suits her in all respects, their wedding will definitely take place.

Laura is a loving wife, a good mother. She adores children, treats them with just the same fanatical devotion. Laura is a good hostess, loves and knows how to create a cozy "nest", she is always ready to give attention and care to all family members, without exception.


Dark green.

A rock


Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Laura gives the impression of something good, brave, big, majestic, loud, beautiful, strong, mighty.


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