Computer Murphology for Lawyers

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The law of insecurity

It is human nature to make mistakes, but only the computer can really confuse everything.

Ringwald's law

Any horizontal surface will soon become cluttered with packs.

Greer's law

A computer program does what you told it to do, not what you would like it to do.

Beizer's axiom

When memorizing something, do not forget where you entered it.

Devris dilemma

If you accidentally press two keys on the keyboard at once, the letter that you do not need appears on the screen.

Gilb's laws of insecurity

1. Computers are unreliable, but humans are even more unreliable.

2. Any system that depends on human reliability is unreliable.

3. The variety of non-detectable errors is limitless - as opposed to detectable errors, which are by definition limited.

4. Investments in reliability grow until they exceed the potential damage from mistakes or until someone decides that it is time to finally do something more rewarding.

Rector's Email Act

Typos remain unnoticed until the "send" key is pressed.

Determination of elements of computer systems according to Murphy

1. Hardware - those parts of a computer system that can be kicked.

2. Software - those parts of the computer system that are not constantly plowed.

3. Hard disk - that part of the computer system that is cut down at the most inopportune moment.

4. Peripheral hardware - those devices that are not compatible with your computer system.

5. The printer is the part of the computer system that chews on paper as soon as you stop looking at it.

6. The cable is the part of the computer system that is too short.

7. Mouse - see "Working with the cursor".

8. Making a backup is an operation that is never performed on time.

9. Recovery is a procedure that works perfectly as long as there is no need for it.

10. Memory is the part of the computer system that is always in short supply.

11. Error message - a request to confirm the ability to destroy your own data.

12. A file is that part of a computer system that cannot be found.

13. A processor is that part of a computer system that is obsolete.

14. Leadership is the element of a computer system that is completely incomprehensible.

Belinda's Law

The chances of a computer crashing are directly proportional to the importance of the document you are currently working on.

Robbins rule

One of the main reasons computers can do more work than humans is because they never have to stop and answer phone calls.

Crane's law

In standby mode, the performance of all computers is the same.

Repair law

It is impossible to fix what is not broken.

Principle for multifunctional devices

The fewer functions a device has to perform, the better it is able to perform them.

Applied to contracts and agreements

The fewer issues covered by this agreement, the more thoroughly they are considered.

Lemma Sullivan

Artificial intelligence is nowhere near as stupid as natural.

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