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Meaning of the name

Larissa translated from Greek means "seagull".


Since childhood, Larisa has been distinguished by her freedom-loving, independent character, love of loneliness, impressionability. Often closes in herself, the owner. Parents should make as much effort as possible, developing altruism in her, because if this is not done, the girl will grow up callous and very selfish.

Growing up, Larisa is increasingly demanding of herself and those around her, she is a realist, stands firmly on the ground, knows how to adapt to any situation. Very practical, it also requires the same from others.

Setting a life goal for herself, this woman is rarely able to achieve what she wants, although she has a strong will and does not give in to someone else's influence. Larisa is hardworking, but she lacks activity and constancy - sometimes she can retreat literally a meter from the goal she has achieved.

Larisa is prone to loneliness, therefore, in society she feels "out of place." In addition, in some issues, Larissa shows excessive scrupulousness, as a result of which conflict situations may arise.

She has an excellent memory - it is unlikely that Larisa will forget that she lent you money, and even more so she will remember the insult inflicted on her. She experiences disappointments, resentments and failures for a very long time, besides, she is very vindictive, and in her revenge she is inventive and even cruel, at the same time skillfully playing the role of a martyr.

Sometimes it seems to others that she provokes conflicts, trying to use the emerging situations in her own interests, but this is not so: her actions are just an attempt to fight with herself and with society. She always tries to be objective, but suffers from lack of confidence in her abilities.

Larisa tries to succeed in everything, trying to overcome insecurity, but this does not always succeed. Larissa is also characterized by mercy, she not only needs love herself, but is also able to generously bestow it on everyone around her.

Larisa, born in winter, has a calm and balanced character, somewhat passive. Most often he chooses the profession of a programmer, cashier, accountant, can work in trade.

Born in spring - emotional, sensitive, capricious, prone to melancholy, reflections. Most often he chooses professions related to art, creativity: becomes a poetess, critic, art critic.

Born in the summer is active and cheerful. Can become an actress, film director, producer.

Larisa, born in the fall, is notable for her laconicism, she is phlegmatic and reasonable. He works mainly in education or becomes an engineer.


Larisa is a spectacular, independent, bright and attractive woman. She has many friends and admirers, they write poems to her, give flowers, give compliments. However, it is in the sphere of personal relations that the contradiction between her sensuality and some passivity is most acutely manifested.

Larisa is very impressionable and suspicious. She constantly doubts the veracity of ardent love confessions, believing that they just want to laugh at her. If, for any reason, she developed a feeling of dislike for men, she may remain an old maid, which is facilitated by a low sensuality and moderate temperament.

She is very highly moral, having married, she becomes a faithful wife, she is quite strict with children, but her remarks and punishments are always fair.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Gemini, Cancer, Libra, Sagittarius and Pisces.


The sound of the name Larissa gives the impression of something good, majestic, loud, brave, powerful, active, bright, joyful.

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