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Humanity's struggle against death is the oldest and most implacable. Scientists have been looking for a long time how to delay the arrival of the old woman with a scythe or breathe life back into a dead body. On the other hand, philosophers tried to convince people that mortality is irreversible. And religious leaders lure followers to themselves, promising life after death in another world or settling in another body.

Resurrection even today, in the age of the technological revolution, is something fantastic. But the ethical side of the issue remains.

It is not yet known what exactly will be born as a result of manipulation. Science today offers several ways of "immortality" that allow people to continue their existence in a slightly different form.

Biopresence. This idea was proposed by students at the Royal College of Art in London. Georg Tremmel and Shiho Fukuhara decided to plant trees instead of installing the usual tombstones, into which the DNA of deceased people would be implanted. Any tree species can participate in the experiment. But the young scientists themselves say that the apple tree, which is a symbol of fertility, is best suited for this role. The possibility is not excluded that the DNA introduced into the tree will later be suitable for human cloning. The project called "bio-presence" became a real sensation. The well-known sponsor of innovative projects in the field of technology, science and art, NESTA, allocated about 50 thousand dollars for the implementation of the idea. However, it soon turned out that this was clearly not enough. Environmentalists said that each tree grown using the new technology will require a long and expensive inspection. After all, a representative of the "green" will need to make sure that the plants will be as safe as possible for the surrounding nature. Another difficulty of the project is that it takes more than 50 thousand dollars to create one such tree. Moreover, the entire procedure will take about six months. It will take this money and time to take a scraping from the inside of a person's cheek, then isolate a DNA sample there, and inoculate it into an apple seed. It is planted and grown in the laboratory. And only then will the seedling take root in real soil. An interesting project has not yet attracted many wealthy clients. The financial direction was covered, but research and development in terms of bio-presence continues.

Cryogenic freezing. The first to voice the idea of ​​freezing a person was Robert Oettinger. This American mathematician and physicist was very fond of science fiction. In 1962, the scientist published the book "Perspectives of Immortality", which then became the foundation of man's plans to live forever. And the creator of the work himself gave himself to his idea - on July 23, 2011, Ettinger's body was cryo-frozen. The main goal of this method is to keep the human body intact until such time when science can restore all functions of the body. People believe that medicine will sooner or later learn to defeat diseases that are deadly today. Nanotechnology is advancing, so there really is light at the end of the tunnel. Today it is already possible to keep the body for a long time. This is due to ultra-low temperatures that stop the body's natural chemical processes. This also applies to the destructive process of decomposition. Today in America there are two large non-profit organizations that are engaged in research in the field of cryonics. We are talking about "Alcor" (Arizona) and the Cryonics Institute in Michigan. Both there and there have their own cryostorage, where dozens of people are waiting for the moment of resurrection. Freezing a body costs between $ 50,000 and $ 250,000. At the same time, an option is proposed, according to which only one brain will be saved. There is a similar organization in Russia. The firm "Kriorus" for its services asks for a more modest amount - from 10 to 30 thousand dollars.

The creation of a superman. Many people are interested in what a person will be like in the new millennium. A social movement “Russia-2045” appeared in Russia, which came up with a strategic initiative to organize a plan for the evolution of individuals. The participants in this movement look at development much more boldly than Darwinists. They believe that by 2045, people will already be immortal. You just need to adhere to a strict development plan. According to him, in 2015, the first robot avatar should appear, which will be controlled by signals sent by the brain and nervous system. In another 5 years, the first successful operation to transplant a human brain into an artificial body should be performed, and an artificial brain should be created by 2030. If these rates are met, then by 2045 it will be possible to move consciousness into a virtual body-hologram. The renewed superman will have a number of unusual abilities. For example, he will not care about radiation and high temperatures. This community is quite authoritative, it even includes doctors of physical, mathematical and biological sciences. They confirm that their predictions are quite daring. But there are prerequisites for the implementation of the project. It is only necessary to change the global tasks of scientific research. Today science is aimed at satisfying the needs of society, but it must be redirected towards the solution of the great task - the creation of a superman. Even the actor Steven Seagal entered the Russia 2045 movement and agreed to represent him in the United States.

DNA bank. Although the cloning processes are in full swing, not a single case of human re-creation has been recorded. Many factors prevent this. First of all, it is not so easy to do it technologically. And moral and ethical aspects play an important role. In many countries, human cloning is generally prohibited by the state. In this case, we are talking not only about the reproductive procedure, when the new individual has the same rights and obligations as the grandparent, but even about the therapeutic one. In this case, we are talking about the collection of stem cells from a cloned embryo. In Russia, such a law has been in effect since 2002. In 2010, it was extended. However, there are countries where the issues of human cloning are dealt with rather closely. Sometimes this is done officially, sometimes it is illegal. Perhaps someday the day will come when the prohibitions will be completely lifted. But to use this opportunity, you must leave your DNA samples in a special storage. At the same time, the current DNA banks in every possible way refuse to participate in future cloning programs. The reasons are the same - public opinion, politics and scientific controversy. To place your DNA in a special Swiss bank, you will have to pay $ 400. This will give the right to eternal storage of a particle of your personality in a special shelter. The client also gets the right to leave there a gigabyte of any information about himself. These can be photographs, scans of documents, videos. An additional two gigabytes will cost another $ 200, and four - $ 300.

Consciousness transfer. The Blue Mind project started in the summer of 2005 in Switzerland. Specialists from the University of Lausanne, together with IBM employees, decided to create a virtual human brain. For this, the latest supercomputer was to be used. The first stage of the project is devoted to the reproduction of the structure of an intellectual organ, and this in itself is a rather difficult and long-term task. The endowment of the brain with consciousness will occur later. Virtual creation in the future should become the foundation for transferring the human personality there. His consciousness will be transferred to a computer by scanning and mapping all parts of the brain. The problem of the transfer of consciousness is dealt with by the science of settlerics (the word “settler” in translation from English means “migrant”). It faces two important tasks. First you need to understand how to read the information, and then - how to transfer it to the medium. Scientists suggest the following mind transfer scheme. Over the years, natural neurons in the human brain will die off, they will be replaced by backup copies. They will be combined into a special neuroprosthesis and controlled by a neurocomputer. At the time of the death of the main carrier, almost all of its functions will already be duplicated in the backup. The main obstacle on the way of researchers is the extremely complex structure of our brain. After all, there are several billion neurons in it.

Artificial Intelligence. Among all other methods of resurrection, this one is one of the simplest and most relevant. He was voiced by Pierce Blodin, author of Weekly World News. He proposed to combine artificial intelligence technologies and the consequences of the fashion for the Internet. It was proposed to create a program that would collect all information about a deceased person - his activities in social networks, forums and blogs. It is also based on the use of the algorithms used by hackers to gain access to classified information. Electronic agents will scan the entire network to find out everything about the person. The resulting picture will then be delivered to a centralized repository. There they will create an intellectual porter of the personality of a deceased person. And in the future, artificial intelligence can be given the traits of a certain personality. However, in solving the problem of drawing up a portrait, a large role is given to the frankness of the deceased himself. But someone tells on the Internet all the details of his life, but there are also those who prefer silence, anonymity, or even constantly lie.

Sensory suit. This project was also created by the Russians. It was invented by members of the transhumanist movement. They believe that modern man is just the first stage in the development of homo sapiens. With the help of a sensory suit, you can learn to record and store all the information that our senses receive during the day. The person's conscious reaction will also be recorded. The resulting information libraries, which are data arrays, will then be recorded on digital media, which will give the data eternal life. At the next stage, it will be necessary to create a neurocomputer that can reproduce the receipt of information by a person and the reaction to it. This will essentially be a reconstruction of the personality. The chip obtained as a result of these operations will carry all the feelings and reactions of a person. The device will remain to be placed in an artificial body, which will turn out to be the next carrier of human consciousness. Such a suit would be useful for restoring memory after cryo-defrosting and improving memory processes. The participants have already moved on to practical steps - several testers are continuously recording what is happening to them using digital devices.

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