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Meaning of the name

Mstislav translated from Old Slavic means "revenge" and "glory".


An overly explicit indication of vengeance in the name deprives this threat of power. This name is like a spring, compressed to the extreme and ready to fire at any moment.

Fortunately, like in the proverb: "He who speaks a lot, he does little," so with the name Mstislav - reflecting from childhood on the concept of revenge, Slavik at least begins to resist in his soul this harsh call.

But such reflections are capable of great development of his imagination and ability to analyze. Mstislav is usually an excellent psychologist and has a subtle understanding of the human soul. And he is also a great dreamer, which, in fact, takes the lion's share of his powerful internal energy.

It is also impossible to ignore the question of pride, which Mstislav sometimes developed to a very impressive size. Of course, he has the right to be in love with his rare name, it would also be good if this does not grow into him in love with himself.

This is all the more dangerous because, prone to internal stress, Mstislav can react extremely sharply to external influences, both pleasant and, as you yourself understand, negative. In other words, a slight hint of something offensive is enough, as Glory can literally explode.

If the parents were not afraid to give their child such a strong and dangerous name, they should devote a lot of time to his upbringing, and the stupidest thing to advise them here is to try to teach Mstislav to restraint. Alas, nothing good will come of it, except for a nervous overstrain and breakdown.

On the contrary, they need to try to channel Mstislav's energy into a useful channel, develop any interests in it and teach them to respect the people around them. A sense of humor will also come in handy. Only in this case Mstislav can achieve success in life and ensure himself normal relationships with others.

Excitability often makes it extremely difficult to communicate with him, although if Mstislav knows how to control his emotions, then, instead of wastingly frustrated, he begins to spend his colossal energy on resolving the emerging conflict.

Nevertheless, you still should not give him a reason for this. In addition, it is useful to consider that his emotions can be terribly contagious - you yourself may not notice how you will find yourself at the mercy of his enthusiasm.


A strong, domineering character is also manifested in intimate relationships. In sex, he is passionate. His sexual potential is high, but not all partners are satisfied with Mstislav, so he often changes them. He himself is able to satisfy any woman and enjoys great success with them.

Mstislav belongs to the category of men who claim that the mere sight of a beautiful woman already gives them pleasure. For Mstislav, intimate relationships are based on mutual love of two equal partners and do not carry anything unusual in themselves.

There are two types of men with this name. One is an extrovert, cheerful person, easily excitable, active regardless of the number of love relationships. The second is freedom-loving. He has few sexual contacts, no constant partners. He perfectly controls himself in moments of intimacy, his temperament and rich experience ensure his success in sex.



A rock


Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Mstislav gives the impression of something slow.

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