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Men with the patronymic Afanasevich, as a rule, are calm, docile people, they do not like conflicts, they never impose their opinions on others.

Being also impressionable people, they always subtly feel false and, if they see that injustice is happening around, they worry for a long time, but they do not show their feelings, which can lead to stress and a nervous breakdown.

These are excellent psychologists, insight, we help them immediately evaluate a person, see his essence.

Afanasyevichs always strive to stand out, prove themselves, take a worthy place in society, but their quiet disposition and modesty interfere with the achievement of their goals.

In their careers, they, as a rule, do not reach great heights, despite the fact that they are responsible and hardworking people. Afanasyevichs do not like to adapt to someone, they prefer to keep their own face and do not strive to be like someone else, freedom and independence are in the first place for them.

At the same time, women always pay attention to them, because they are interesting and intelligent men. They approach the creation of a family responsibly, and often live with one woman all their lives, keeping her faithful.

All women, whose fathers are called Athanasius, are kind, sincere, open people. Extroverts by nature, they are always ready to help those who need it, because responsiveness and compassion are also inherent in such women.

Afanasyevna easily go through life, easily find a common language with people and can adapt to various situations in life. Plus, these women are endowed with a flexible mind, diplomacy, they are cunning, but at the same time, somewhat mistrustful.

Before doing anything, Afanasyevna thinks for a long time, reflects, calculates all possible moves and only then makes a decision, which, by the way, turns out to be correct.

These are devoted and caring women, they always have a desire to devote themselves to someone or something, often it can be either a favorite job, a serious hobby, or a home, a loved one.

These qualities, combined with external data and the ability to present oneself from the best side, make them unusually attractive for the opposite sex, because men see them as ideal wives and are not mistaken in their assumptions.

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