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These men have a rich inner world, for those around them they are mysterious and, often, incomprehensible. Eldarovichs can react sharply and even nervously to unforeseen events.

These men are great lovers of life, trying to open to those around them all the beauty of our world. Open and trusting himself, Eldarovich notices falsity and insincerity in other people, which can lead to quarrels.

Although these men adhere to general norms, they are firmly aware of their individual path and will not allow anyone to stand in their way. Eldarovichs are self-confident, it is hard to stop them, to knock them off their intentions, they have a strong will.

In a dispute, these men are harsh, emotional, careless in words, so opponents are better off using facts than raising their voices in response. The owners of such a middle name themselves are endowed with an analytical mind, therefore they listen to the reasonable arguments of any person.

Eldarovich chooses intellectual work in order to be able to use his mind. As a leader, these men always create a pleasant friendly atmosphere in the team, one unquestioningly demands the fulfillment of their assignments and official duties.

Communicating with women, Eldarovich easily wins their heart and love, but he gets married very late. These men are great sexual partners - gentle and tactful.

Despite their jealousy, they are wonderful husbands - loyal, reliable, economic.

Eldarovna is a woman who passes everything in life through her own analysis. Despite her extremely developed intuition, she carefully calculates her every step.

These women adapt well to new surroundings, new people. Eldarovna is characterized by practicality in life - she will never bear or try to implement unrealistic plans, she tries to bring others down to earth.

She cannot think in abstract concepts - for her there is only that which she can personally see or touch. In her work, she is distinguished by the fact that she begins to do the job where others just talk about it.

These women are very energetic, obligatory, love to apply new methods, and are purposeful.

Eldarovna are sociable women, treat their friends kindly, do not gossip and know how to keep other people's secrets. These women are sincere and merciful, they help even strangers.

Marrying, Eldarovna strives with all her might to self-actualize in it, therefore she is a faithful and loving wife who takes care of all the household.

The owners of such a middle name are very hospitable, love and know how to entertain and amuse their guests. Eldarovna love nature, they keep pets at home.

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