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These men are very independent in making decisions and in determining the direction of their lives. They do not need advice and opinions from outsiders, as they believe in their own strengths and capabilities.

True, often their confidence flows into self-confidence, covering their eyes with what is happening around them. But the Lavrentievichs are very decisive, they make decisions almost instantly and immediately begin to implement them, without fear of difficulties.

But, to their credit, almost always, due to their energy and pressure, they achieve their goal. Such men believe that they do not need guidance from the outside, since they themselves know how to act, therefore they are obstinate subordinates who demand attention and respect for their opinion.

The Lavrentievichs have a penchant for strong emotions, but this usually happens inside them, without splashing out and not forcing men to commit rash acts, these people are generally very careful.

It cannot be said that the Lavrentievichs have a sea of ​​friends, the few who are next to him are chosen by many years of checks and tests. The owners of this patronymic themselves value their comrades very much, paying them with loyalty and devotion.

The Lavrentievichs are very popular with women, increasing the number of their victories with their pressure. But they choose a wife for a long time and carefully, however, they still get divorced quickly.

These are very calm women who never get involved in conflicts, do not criticize others for their shortcomings. The Lavrentyevns carefully control their actions and words, therefore they will never blab too much and will not offend inadvertently.

Such women have great self-control, are cold-blooded even in the most critical situations. You will not expect an explosion of emotions from Lavrentievna, non-standard explosive actions, rash promises - this is not her style. They do not like to argue, although they carefully listen to the arguments of the interlocutor, but they prefer to make decisions on their own.

The main thing in her life is work. On the path of career growth, Lavrentievna shows everything that is necessary for success in this field - laconicism, efficiency, high professionalism. They prefer to maintain purely professional relations with colleagues, not allowing anything personal.

Therefore, such women have few friends, and even they have nothing to do with her profession. Lavrentievna feels more comfortable in male society, the spouse is chosen carefully, trying to find all the necessary qualities in it, and therefore they bind themselves with marriage quite late.

But, this is an exemplary wife who can even leave work for the sake of her beloved husband and children. Lavrentievna devotes a lot of time to the issue of raising her children, they try to relax with their family, which makes them happy.

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