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Men with the patronymic Yaroslavovich are courageous and strong people who know how to fight for their ideals and defend their principles. They approach business with all seriousness, plan and do everything on time.

Yaroslavovichs will always find a way out of any situation, for them there are no unsolvable problems, at the decisive moment they act promptly. They do not like abstract concepts, their lot is concreteness and clarity in all actions.

These people try to take everything from life. They will never miss a good opportunity, get a profitable, well-paid job or go on an interesting and informative tourist trip.

They have a wide circle of contacts, many friends and acquaintances, they do not allow themselves to be rude towards others. But sometimes they have a desire to be alone, to take a break from the bustle of the world, but not for long.

Yaroslavovychs like to talk a lot, philosophize, read and collect philosophical and historical literature.

Their family life is not always successful; they get married more than once. They are not bad husbands, but in household chores they rarely become helpers.

Yaroslavovichs, born in the fall, are outwardly beautiful and sometimes very self-confident men. It seems to them that all women are not indifferent to their charms, and are very surprised that someone remains indifferent to them.

True, in such cases, these men try by all means available to them to achieve the favor of their passion. They use all their charm, sparkling humor, they will be very polite, gallant and sometimes even wasteful.

When they marry, they become faithful husbands.

The woman with the patronymic Yaroslavovna is very proud and unyielding by nature. Very vulnerable, touchy, but at the same time quickly appeased, never remember evil.

These women are attentive to friends and acquaintances, they can listen to a person, they will always give good advice, they know how to keep other people's secrets, but they never share theirs.

Yaroslavovna quite easily get to know people, although they give the impression of closed and not too friendly women.

In the circle of friends, relatives and friends, they are more relaxed than with colleagues and acquaintances.

These women work according to their mood. Either they can move mountains in record time, or they may not take up their favorite activities for months, sit back, chat on the phone or engage in aimless shopping.

Yaroslavovna love to lie on the couch with a good foreign novel, watch an action-packed detective story, or a good old comedy. These women are capable of languages, they often know several, and they easily read and speak them fluently.

In marriage, the Yaroslavna are usually happy, they get married once. They are good housewives, they cook deliciously, but they do other household chores, like work, according to their mood.

On vacation, they prefer to enjoy the freedom from business and family responsibilities.

Yaroslavovna, born in the summer, have a condescending character, easily forgive the shortcomings of the people around them. They approach themselves extremely strictly, trying to keep themselves in control in everything.

These women are smart and persistent in pursuing their goals. They make good leaders who enjoy great authority in the team.

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