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These are quite contradictory men with a difficult character. One side of them is calmness, condescension to others, to their mistakes, and the other - nervousness, entering into unnecessary conflicts, pickiness.

The Serafimovichs are good workers, as they are smart and responsible, but their advancement on the career ladder is greatly slowed down by the fact that they have a tendency to malpractice. These men easily absorb someone else's opinion, passing it off as their own, but they themselves can leave an idea of ​​the desired subject.

The owners of this patronymic love to complain about their fate and the intrigues of enemies, although they successfully solve all difficulties. In communication, these men are sociable and friendly, so they have many friends. Serafimovichi are interesting men, therefore they are successful in the weaker sex.

In their youth, they experience many love adventures, but when they get married, they become staid heads of the family, devoting themselves to their home and children. These men are good husbands - faithful, hardworking, loving to take care of children.

The Serafimovichs like to relax outside the home, in nature or on a long tourist trip.

Serafimovna are brave women who are not afraid of difficulties and persistently overcome them. These people do not recognize insoluble barriers, they are self-sufficient, it is hard to offend them, since they do not seek help on the side, but can defend themselves.

The Serafimovna are very stubborn, which often hurts them, because they are not able to admit their mistakes, even when they are clearly wrong, these women will never take the first step towards reconciliation, and they will never get an apology from her.

In dealing with people, they show frivolity and inconsistency - these women prefer not to cling to interesting people for a long time, not to make permanent friends. Easily getting to know someone, they just as easily break up.

These women have many admirers among men, but the attitude towards them is just as fickle. The owners of this middle name are very emotional and feelings guide them and direct their lives.

He prefers to work only in the area of ​​interest to them, but if they feel a drop in their interest in the occupation, they immediately quit. Therefore, the Serafimovna often change their place of work and even their profession.

These women love beautiful, non-standard outfits, in order to immediately stand out in the crowd, they can sew themselves a new suit. When married, these women are still unstable, changing several husbands, tormenting those with jealousy and getting along badly with her husband's relatives.

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