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The Robertovichs are extremely courageous people, showing the best qualities of a strong half. They are purposeful, proud, they are characterized by attention to the problems of loved ones, kindness.

They have a somewhat refined taste in clothes. Their weakness is irascibility, angry, it is difficult for Robertovich to come to his senses. These men are smart, have their own opinions.

At work, they are extremely capable of working, but usually they prefer to start their own business and, even starting from scratch, achieve success in it. Robertovichs, due to their independence, find it difficult to work under someone's leadership, so they prefer to do everything with their own hands.

The owners of such a patronymic get married after thirty, slowly choosing a girlfriend for themselves, as they are amorous and cannot refuse the train of their love affairs. Having married, he becomes a person devoted to the family. The first is usually born to the Robertovichs a son.

These men love to relax among people, their weakness is a certain talkativeness - having talked with a friend, Robertovich can forget about everything in the world. They also love cultural events: exhibitions, museums, has a penchant for gambling sports.

These women are fickle, no one knows what is going on in their heads. They are ruled not by reason, but by emotion.

At the same time, the Robertovna are very diplomatic, showing their cunning in building intrigues. These women are always in the thick of things, among people.

Robertovna are very proud, they never forgive betrayal - they instantly delete an unfaithful friend from their lives. Owners of such a middle name are very persistent, not disdaining dishonest methods in achieving their goals.

Therefore, they make a career, but they do not have much love in the team. Under the influence of feelings, Robertovna can scream, throw a tantrum, but just as quickly she leaves, apologizing for her behavior.

These women are very popular with men, they are always more among friends than girlfriends. Robertovna usually gets married only once and, unfortunately, unsuccessfully.

Usually sons are born to her. Robertovna knows how to cook well, loves to relax, visiting friends and receiving guests. Loves cultural events: concerts, exhibitions.

After a divorce, they prefer not to get married again, to raise their children and build their own destiny.

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