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Akbar - big
Angra mainu - evil spirit, devil
Ardashir is a just ruler
Artekhshatra - a just ruler
Aremazd - blessing of wisdom
Achera Mazda - Blessing of Wisdom
Acheremezda - blessing of wisdom
Ahriman - devil, evil spirit
Ashted - by justice

Bahadur - warrior
Benham - dear
Behruz - a good, good day
Behram - victory
Babyback is a little father
Berez - Exalted
Behman - avalanche
Bahram - victory

Galbeher - spring rose
Hum - rose

Delshad - Happy Heart
Javed - eternal
Javade - eternal
Jamshed is a bright river
Jamsheed is a bright river
Jamshad is a bright river
Jaehan - the world
Jaehangir - world conqueror
Dilshad - Happy Heart
Dera is rich
Daroesh - rich
Dareyavehush - rich

Ervakhsha - cheerful

Zerazustra - the one who owns the golden (yellow) camels

Cambujia is a handsome king
Kerush - like the sun
Kianoush - royal
Koroush - like the sun
Cambodia is a handsome king
Cambujia is a handsome king

Mehrdad - a gift from the sun
Mirza - prince
Mitra - union, means of consolidation

Nevid is good news
Navid - good news

Albers - from the name of a mountain in Northern Iran, Albers
Albors - from the name of the mountain in Northern Iran, Albors
Omid - hope
Ormezd - blessing of wisdom
Ohrmezd - blessing of wisdom

Parviz - lucky
Parways - lucky
Papak - little father
Payam - communicated

Roshen - bright, illuminating
Reshen - judge

Sinbad - Lord of the Wise
Sinbad - Lord of the Wise
Sievush - possesses black stallions
Sokhrab - bright, shining
Sarosh - prayer

Feroz - successful
Firoz - successful
Firuz - successful
Frewardine - Guardian Spirit
Faridun - thrice strong

Heider - lion
Hershid - the sun
Hodadad - given by God
Horvesh - like the sun
Hormazd - blessing of wisdom
Hormizd - blessing of wisdom
Hormezd - blessing of wisdom
Horshed - the sun
Hsheyarsha - ruler of heroes

Cher - lion
Shady - happiness
Shahjaehan - king of the world
Shehzad - Prince
Shakhper - the son of the king
Shahriver - Desirable Power
Shahrier - Lord
Shehrokh - royal face

Elberz - from the name of the mountain in Northern Iran, Alborz

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