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"Pepsi Cola" or simply "Pepsi" is a well-known non-alcoholic soft drink that is famous all over the world. The brand is the main competitor for Coca-Cola, constantly overtaking and then inferior in terms of sales.

The history of the glorious brand began in 1893 when pharmacist Caleb Bradham from New Bern, North Carolina, began experiments to create his own soft drink. The experiments were crowned with success, and "Brad's drink" was born. The first recipe included soda, sugar, vanilla, butter, and cola nuts. The author assured that his drink strengthens, cheers and improves digestion. Only now the creator of the drink did not like the chosen name, he wanted something more catchy and sonorous. As a result, on August 28, 1898, Brad's Drink was renamed Pepsi-Cola. The name was born due to the name of the nuts, as well as either pepsin or dyspepsia, a stomach disease that was allegedly treated with a drink.

On June 16, 1903, the Pepsi-Cola trademark was registered. By that time, the drink had already become so popular that Bradham created his own company. During the First World War, sugar prices skyrocketed. Because of this, the Pepsi business went badly. In 1921, the sugar market in America collapsed altogether, and as a result, in 1923 Pepsi was declared bankrupt. Its assets were sold, and the company was nationalized. This is how the National Pepsi-Cola Company was born. And in 1931 another bankruptcy took place.

During the Great Depression of the 1930s, Pepsi is reborn and begins to attack the positions of a stronger competitor, Coca-Cola. Now the company goes back into private hands, it was owned by Charlie Guth, president of Loft Inc. Returns to "Pepsi" and her old name. In the 1930s, Pepsi-Cola was offered at a price of 5 cents for a 12-ounce bottle, as did a 6-ounce bottle. Vending machines at that time accepted only 5 cents, and Coca-Cola had to put somewhere a billion ready-made 6-ounce bottles. It is not hard to guess that during the years of total economy, Pepsi achieved real success. And since 1939, the drink has become popular among children.

The Second World War became a new impetus for the development of the company. In 1941, a tricolor crown appeared on bottles with a drink, thereby making it clear that the manufacturer supported the American soldiers. Pepsi surpassed its closest competitors, Dr. Pepper "and" Royal Crown ", becoming the second after the mighty" Coca Cola ". By the early 1950s, the sales of the two leaders were 5 times different.

In 1961, Pepsi launched a pursuit with the Pepsi for Those Who Feel Young ad campaign, and in 1964 the classic slogan “You are the Pepsi Generation” was born. In 1972, a significant event took place - the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the USSR Kosygin met with the President of PepsiCo Donald Kendall. The parties agreed on the supply of the drink to the socialist country. As a result, Pepsi became the first product officially supplied from the rotting west. In April 1973, the first batch of the drink arrived in the USSR, and in 1974 the construction of factories began in our country. The first appeared in Novorossiysk.

And in the mid-70s, PepsiCo launched a loud advertising campaign - "Pepsi Challenges." Participants were asked to blindly choose from two drinks - Pepsi and Cola. The first one won with a score of 3-2, which was announced in the TV commercial. This played into the hands of the brand's popularity. If in the 1960s the sales of Pepsi were 2.5 times inferior to Coca-Cola, then in 1985 it was already only 15%. In 1985, PepsiCo acquired the 7UP brand, becoming the largest carbonated beverage company in the world. In 1989, the respected Fortune magazine named PepsiCo the most respected company in the world.

To promote the brand "Pepsi" constantly cooperates with world celebrities. The drink was advertised by the stars of cinema, sports, show business. We can mention the names of Pink, Beyonce, Lionel Mess, Tiger Woods, Madonna. Among the star admirers was even Nikita Khrushchev - in 1959, journalists were able to photograph him drinking Pepsi. But the most important legend for the brand is Michael Jackson. In 1984, while filming a commercial for Pepsi, he even got burns from fireworks, which marked the beginning of numerous facial surgeries.

Today PepsiCo has an annual turnover of $ 57 billion and a net profit of $ 6 billion. The company employs about 300 thousand people. In America, the brand actively sponsors more energetic Democrats, while its main competitor, Coca-Cola, is sympathetic to the Republicans.

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