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Alexander - defender of men
Alexey - defender
Ales - defender of humanity
Alois is a famous warrior
Amadeus - to love God
Amada - to love God
Amadeus - to love God
Ambrosius - immortal
Anesthesia - resurrection
Andrzej - male warrior
Anthony is priceless
Apolinarium - tearing
Arcadius - blessed
Aron - brings light
Augustine the venerable
Aurelia - golden

Bagumil - God of Use
Bartholomew - son of Talmey
Bartoz - son of Talmey
Benedict - blessed
Blaze - lisping
Boguslav - God of glory
Bozidar - a divine gift
Bolek is a great glory
Boleslav - great glory
Boniface is a good fate
Boris - fighter, warrior
Bratomite - good for brother
Bratumite - good for brother
Bronislav is a glorious defender

Basil - tsar
Valentine - healthy, strong
Valerian - to be healthy to be strong
Valery - to be healthy, to be strong
Vaclav - great fame
Velislav - great glory
Wieslaw - great fame
Victor the conqueror
Vincent the conqueror
Wislav - great glory
Vit - life
Witold - forest lord
Vladislav - the rule of glory
Vlodek - edit by the rules
Wlodzimierz - a peaceful ruler
Vladzislav - the rules of glory
Wojciech - consolation warrior
Wojtek - consolation warrior

Gabriel is a man of God
Gabris - a man of God
Gabriz is a man of God
Havel - rooster
Heinrich - rich, powerful
Gervasius - slave spear
A hero is a hero, a warrior
Gregory - vigilance
Gustav - military advisor

Dariusz - has a lot, rich
Jerome is the holy name
Joseph - Increase, Profit
David is the sweetheart
Dobrogost is a kind guest
Dobromil - kind and amiable
Dobroslav - good glory
Dominic - belongs to the Lord
Donat - given by God
Dorotheos - a gift from God
Dorota is a gift from God
Druji - man, warrior

Edrej - man, warrior
Eronym - holy name
Jerzy - farmer

Zacharias - whom the Lord remembered
Zbigniew - dissipating anger
Zdzislav - glory is here
Siegfried - victory, peace
Sigmund - victory, defense
Zibor - battle of honor
Winter is the Lord in the family

Jacob - grabbing the heel
Ivan - God will have mercy
Ivo - yew tree
Ignatius - ignorant
Iji - hiding behind a goat skin
Isidore - the gift of Isis
Elijah - Lord my God
Jehoshaphat - whom God judged
Hippolyte - unhitching horses
Irenius - Peaceful
Isaac - the joy of the Lord

Caetan - from Gaeta (Italy)
Casimir - preaching peace
Casper - treasure keeper
Karol is a man
Cyril - master
Claudius is lame
Clement - the merciful
Klimek - merciful
Kollek - sting
Kondrat is a brave defender
Constanty - solid
Constantine - solid
Korn - strong, from the horn
Cornelius - strong from the horn
Christian is a Christian
Christine is a Christian
Krzis - Christ the bearer
Cuba is the second by birth
Krzysztof - Christ the bearer
Xavier - new home

Leslav is a glorious defender
Lech - the patron
Lehoslav is a glorious defender
Lion - lion
Leszek - intercessor
Longinus - long
Lucian - light
Lucius - light
Lukaz - from Lutsania
Lubomirz - great love
Lubomyr - love to the world
Lyudmil - benefit to the people
Ludwik is a famous warrior

Macarius - blessed
Maxim - big
Maximilian is a big contender
Marseille - defending the sea
Marsin is like Mars
Marek - the defender of the sea
Marik - the defender of the sea
Marius - The Puberty
Martin is like Mars
Mateusz - a gift from God
Mauricius - black, Moor
Matsiyu is a gift from God
Methods - method
Michal - who is like God
Mechislav - the sword of glory
Miezhko - who is like God
Mikolaj - the winner of nations
Milogost is a dear guest
Miloslav - good fame
Milos - good fame
Miroslav - glory to the world
Mstsislav - glory to the place

Narcis - numbness, sleep
Nicephorus - Victorious
Nikodem - victory of the people

Pavel - small
Patrick - patrician, noble birth
Piotr - rock, stone
Przemiek - an intelligent thinker
Przemko - an intelligent thinker
Przemisl - cunning
Przemislav - an intelligent thinker

Radomil - a happy benefit
Radoslaw - happy glory
Radzimish - happy world
Raimund is a wise patron
Raslav - happy glory
Raphal - whom God healed
Richard is a powerful ruler
Roman - Roman
Roscislav - usurp, glory
Rostek - usurp, glory
Richard is a powerful ruler

Svyatomirz - blessed be the world
Svyatopelk - blessed the people
Svyatoslav - holy glory
Sebastian - sacred, highly revered
Celestine - heavenly
Seraphin - burning, fiery
Sergiusz - Sergeant
Severin - strict
Seabor - a battle of honor
Sylvester - from the forest
Simon - Heard by God
Slawomir - glory to the world
Sobislav - usurper of glory
Stanislav is a glorious ruler
Stephen - crown, crown
Sulislav - the best glory
Check - happy
Stepan - wreath, crown
Scratch - happy

Tadeusz - courageous, great heart
Tadzio - courageous, great heart
Theophilus is a friend of God
Tobias - God is good
Thomas - double
Timon - honor
Timotheus - in honor of God
Titus - fire, burn

Urlik - prosperity and power
Urias - God is my light

Felician - happy, lucky
Felix - happy
Ferdinand is a fighter for peace
Francis - French
Frederick is a peaceful ruler
Frederick is a peaceful ruler
Frederick is a peaceful ruler

Hainrich - rich, powerful
Heinrich - rich, powerful
Henrich - rich, powerful
Henio - rich, powerful

Caesar - dividing, dissecting

Czeslaw - honor and glory

Eligluz - choice
Emeric - the work of power
Eugeniusz - well born
Eustachi - fruitful
Egidius - a guy, a young goat

Yulek - curly, fluffy
Juliusz - curly, fluffy
Jurek - farmer
Justin is fair

Janusz - God will have mercy
Jarek - spring
Yarrognev - spring anger
Jaromir - spring world
Yaropelk - spring of peoples
Yaroslav - furious, strong
Jacek - hyacinth flower
Yacenti - hyacinth flower

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