Fourteenth week of pregnancy

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Future child

Height - 9-12 cm, weight - 30-50 g.

Clench your hand into a fist - that's the approximate size of your baby this week. The facial features are almost completely formed, the neck is stretched out - the chin is no longer pressed to the chest. Sometimes the child makes facial expressions that resemble a smile.

Almost the entire body of the baby can already react to touch, while only the back and skull are insensitive. In addition, he trains in "breathing" - draws amniotic fluid into the lungs and pushes it back.

The child begins to push with heels and fists. Every day he will do it more and more, so that in 4-6 weeks mom will feel his movements well.

The genitals continue to develop and external sex differences become more evident. In girls, the ovaries descend into place in the hip region, and in boys, a prostate appears.

The kidneys produce urine - the baby secretes it into the amniotic fluid, which completely renews its composition in three hours. The fully formed thyroid gland begins to produce hormones.

Future mom

Now the upper part of the uterus (the so-called bottom) is about 12-13 cm above the level of the pubis. Many have a dark line on the abdomen leading to the pubic bone ("linea negra"). Why the body needs it is not clear, but the line appears in most women.

If this is not the first time you have given birth, you have noticed that, unfortunately, your belly is growing much faster than in the previous pregnancy. This is not because you are not following your diet. Even if you count every calorie, after the first birth, your abdominal and uterine muscles are more elastic and easier to stretch than the young elastic muscles of a woman who has not yet given birth. With each new pregnancy, you will gain faster belly gain. There is no getting away from this and you just have to accept it. This is not your biggest problem right now.

It also happens that the expectant mother is suddenly seized by an insatiable craving for food, she is ready to eat everything and she is not enough. As a result, there is an increase in weight by 1-2 kg per week. After morning toxicosis, of course, you can understand the body's desire to finally eat normally. But still, try not to allow yourself to overeat buns, candies and cakes.

To pacify a raging body, prepare yourself in advance and put in the refrigerator peeled carrots, cucumbers, apples and other fruits and vegetables to taste. They can be eaten all the time, they provide a lot of vitamins and few calories. Try to drink more water. It will save you from hunger attacks and will be an excellent prevention against urinary tract infections.

And a glass of 1% kefir is a good afternoon snack and at the same time a remedy for constipation, which torments most pregnant women. Some doctors even recommend doing a special fasting day 1 day a week (1 kg of apples and 1 liter of kefir). But any diets must be coordinated with a doctor, you should not engage in amateur performances now.

Constant mood swings continue. A pregnant woman is very vulnerable, her whole world centers around her unborn child. She can literally forget about everything that does not directly concern her baby. She is moved to tears by the most ordinary things, like baby carriages, shirts and toys.

Meditation, focusing on hobbies, on the household ("nest-making" is now very useful) helps from emotional crises. If you feel that you cannot control yourself and because of this your relationships with others deteriorate, visit a psychologist, who is now usually in every LCD. In 99% of cases, it will help solve your problems.

Often, expectant mothers begin to experience difficulties in their sexual life associated with complexes about their fat body, stretch marks and age spots. With all their maximalism, pregnant women exaggerate the significance of this or that change in their body.

In fact, experience shows that husbands do not notice much until they are literally pointed at them. Therefore, less complexes, think more about the good. Moreover, the toxicosis finally released you, the body rested a little and it is likely that the previous sexual desire returned, which was extinguished due to the ailments of the first weeks of pregnancy.

Don't put off your life until later. Use an all-golden time called the second trimeter. Remember that with the correct development of pregnancy, sexual relations do not pose a threat to the baby. It is well protected by its fetal bladder and amniotic fluid.

However, there are a number of reasons why doctors advise limiting sex life or completely stopping it for a while:

- Bleeding for unknown reasons. It may also be bleeding from the cervix, which has now become hypersensitive. Then the situation is not dangerous. But if the bleeding is caused by the threat of miscarriage, placental abruption, etc. reasons, then you will have to abstain from sex for some time.
- Symptoms of miscarriage, which appeared in those women who have had miscarriages in the past. This usually occurs in the first trimester.
- From 28 to 32 weeks of pregnancy, if the woman has had a premature birth before.
- When there is placenta previa and sexual relations could cause her to separate.
- In case of multiple pregnancy in its third trimester.

An equally intimate topic is a work-related topic. It's time to tell the boss that you are pregnant. Many before this are so worried as they were not worried, telling the good news to their own husband.

However, you may well not say anything to anyone at all. Smart and observant people have already guessed it, and let the rest blame themselves. By law, you are not required to inform anyone about your situation at all - it is your own business, whether you are pregnant or not.

You cannot be imposed any penalties or punishments for the fact that you did not inform your superiors about future maternity leave. However, the moral and ethical code requires respect for politeness, and you also have to ask for a doctor's leave.

Remember that you cannot be fired based on your pregnancy. And on the basis of any other pretexts, you also cannot be fired while you are pregnant. Thus, you are very reliably protected by the law and no one can force you to leave work if you do not want to, even if they hold out paper and a pen and order you to write a letter of resignation (Article 261 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation).

If you do not work according to a work book, but on the basis of a fixed-term contract, you must be left in place until your birth and pay the part of the maternity money due to you. The contract will only be terminated after the termination of your pregnancy. The only exception in this matter is the complete liquidation of the enterprise, when everyone is fired.

Some bad bosses stoop to threats of demotion or pay cuts. The employer cannot do this either. You are obliged to keep average earnings, as well as to provide such working conditions that meet medical requirements (Articles 254 and 259 of the Labor Code). Days and hours for visiting a doctor and sick leave are also paid for, so you should not write any applications for a day off or "at your own expense."

Of course, the question arises, is it worth the struggle with the boss of your forces, especially if you receive a black salary and it is difficult to catch the bosses by the hand? In any case, try to calculate exactly what you have now and what you will be left with in case of dismissal.

Do not forget that you must receive maternity leave money for maternity leave (for 140 days based on the average salary for the last 6 months), and you are also assigned a parental leave allowance in the form of a percentage of the average salary.

The main thing is to remember firmly: a pregnant woman always wins in terms of the Labor Code. For reference: chapter 41 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, articles 253-264.

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