Ninth month of pregnancy

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Future child

Height - 46-47 cm, weight - 2600-2700 g.

Childbirth at this time is almost not dangerous for the child. Of course, it is better to give birth to him after 36 weeks, when the pregnancy is considered full-term, but even now the baby will be able to breathe on its own.

He just did not have time to properly gain weight and prepare his ventricle for the assimilation of mother's milk. Therefore, there may be problems with feeding after childbirth. But this is quite fixable with the modern level of medicine and good care.

Right now, your baby's only concern is gaining weight. He tries very hard and gets about 28-30 grams fat every day. The kid becomes plump, plump with charming cheeks.

He is getting tighter and tighter in the uterus, despite the fact that he has already pressed the arms and legs tightly to the body. Therefore, he does not move as actively as before.

The bones of his skull are still quite soft, because the child will still have to squeeze through the birth canal. But the brain is fully developed, and with every hour its ability to recognize and perceive the world improves.

Baby's skin acquires a natural color. He lost his lanugo fluff, but he added real hair on his head. Marigolds have grown on the baby's fingers.

At the ninth month, the baby finally determines his position before childbirth. Most will take a cephalic presentation, but some will remain in the pelvic or transverse presentation.

Future mom

The average weight gain is 12-13 kg.

We remind you that you visit your doctor on a weekly basis. At 36 weeks, you need to pass the next general urine test, clinical blood test, smears for infections, CTG and the last ultrasound to determine the presentation of the child (if you have not done it before).

In the penultimate month of pregnancy, a woman is overwhelmed by a variety of feelings. On the one hand, this is the instinct of "nesting", the mother prepares a dowry for the child, a nursery, equips a "nest" around herself, on the other hand, she may be afraid of childbirth and often even panic.

The best cure for panic is to panic properly, but only for 10 minutes, no more. Cry heartily, relax, tell someone how scared you are to give birth, and after 10 minutes calm down, because crying for a long time is harmful for you now, but you still have to give birth. Practice shows that this is enough to relieve stress.

Pay attention to vaginal discharge. Sometimes they turn brown or pinkish, but only slightly. If the discharge is heavy and there is clearly blood in it, be sure to call your doctor.

Such discharge can be a sign of premature labor (if contractions are observed) or placental abruption (without contractions). In any case, the situation can be dangerous and you will most likely have to go to the hospital.

The expectant mother may experience indigestion, heartburn, back pain, swelling, varicose veins - in general, the same set of undesirable phenomena that we talked about in articles over the previous months.

It is very difficult for you to move now, and you are reluctant. But still, force yourself to walk. Moreover, walks are the best remedy for insomnia, which often torments pregnant women during these periods. Remember that you cannot take sedatives, even valerian cannot be abused.

The uterus is preparing for childbirth, the braxtons continue. If you notice that Braxtons are becoming more regular, more frequent and stronger, then you are probably entering the labor phase.

Due to the danger of premature birth, doctors recommend refraining from taking long hot baths. It is best to use a shower, and if you really want to sit in the bathroom, make it warm, not hot, and do not stay in it for a long time. 10-15 minutes will be enough.

Since every fourth woman gives birth at 36 weeks, you must decide on the maternity hospital in which you are going to give birth, and register there.

It's time to prepare a maternity hospital bag as well. It is useful both for emergency hospitalization (which, hopefully, will not happen), and if you go to the hospital in accordance with the timing of pregnancy.

A bag for a maternity hospital must contain at least documents (passport, exchange card, birth certificate), rubber slippers in which you can take a shower, a mobile phone and a charger for it.

Additionally, you can put money, cosmetics and washing supplies, your favorite dressing gown and nightie, diapers, napkins and cream for the baby, breast ointment from cracked nipples, panties and pads for women in labor (2 packs), a book (or something for fun), water without gas.

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