Murphy's problem

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Smith's law

None of the major problems have a solution.

Reverse Scheinker's Law to Hoare's Law of Great Change

Within any small problem there is a big one that tries to get out of there.

Baruch's remark

If all you have is just a hammer, then everything around you looks like nails.

Fox's statement of the problematic

When the problem is no longer there, the people working to solve it stay.

The Waldrop Principle

Someone who is not here is always working on a problem.

Blair's remark

The most well-designed plans for mice and humans are usually similar.

Biondi's law

If your project does not work, the error may be in the part of it that seems to you the least significant.

Disraeli's change

The mistake is often more significant than the correct decision.

Roman law

The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person who does it.

Ruckert's law

There is nothing so small as not to make it even smaller.

Hull's law

The way justifies the way. Approaching a problem is more important than solving it.

Baxter's law

An error in the introduction will be revealed in the conclusion.

Holter's teachings

You never have doubts when you are sure you are wrong.

Sivarid's Law

The main reason for the emergence of new problems is related to the solution of existing ones.

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