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Champagne is an indispensable attribute of wealth and luxury. Below is a list of the rarest and most exclusive examples of this drink.

Champagne Veuve Clicquot (Veuve Clicquot) 1893. This bottle was found by accident. In 2008, a locksmith was hired at Torosi's Scottish mansion to open an antique piece of furniture. In it, to everyone's surprise, an old bottle of "Veuve Clicquot" from 1893 was found. At the same time, it remained in excellent condition, even the famous yellow label remained intact. Now you can see this drink in the Veuve Clicquot wine center; champagne is considered the most exclusive in the world.

Champagne 1825 Perrier-Jouët. The collection of rare champagne is stored 70 meters underground in the basements of Perrier-Jouët. In 2009, 12 top connoisseurs of the drink were invited there for a special tasting. Twenty rare wines were taken out of the cellar for testing, including a bottle of 1825 Perrier-Jouët. In total, three such bottles have survived to this day. The tasters said that the champagne had lost almost all of its gases. Nevertheless, the pleasant taste with hints of caramel and truffles still remained.

Champagne Ca. 1820 Juglar cuvée. This champagne was found relatively recently. In the summer of 2010, divers from Sweden found a shipwreck in the Baltic Sea at a depth of 55 meters. Among the remains of the ship, 168 bottles of champagne were found. Now it is difficult to determine his true age, as the labels were damaged. Experts believe that the drink was made at the beginning of the 19th century. The bottles were in perfect condition thanks to the cold water and darkness on the seabed. The tasting showed that sparkling wine can still be consumed. Further examination in November 2010 of this treasure showed that three bottles were created by the world famous house Veuve Clicquot Marque Grand, two more were produced by the now defunct house Juglar. The found champagne was put up for auction, the price of each bottle exceeded 62 thousand dollars.

Champagne Hiedsieck 1907 Diamant Bleu cuvee. Crowned persons have always been considered a special connoisseur of champagne. Providing drinks to them was considered an honor for any home. When the First World War raged with might and main, a wooden ship left the port of Gavle. It transported a consignment of Hiedsieck 1907 Diamant Bleu cuvée personally for Emperor Nicholas II and his court. However, the ship never reached its final destination. On November 3, 1916, it was torpedoed by the German submarine U-22. As a result, the ship, together with its cargo, rested at a depth of 67 meters. Such storage conditions turned out to be ideal for 2 thousand bottles of rare champagne. For 80 years, the drink lay on the seabed, until the cargo was found by Swedish divers, who also raised it to the surface. The tasting showed that the wine was able to retain its rare aroma and taste. The champagne was up for auction, with each bottle selling for an average of $ 3,700.

Champagne Louis Roederer, 1990 Cristal Brut. The history of making an unusual bottle of this champagne has a direct connection with Russia. Emperor Alexander II was so afraid of an assassination attempt that he forbade the use of dark glass bottles, since they could hide weapons in them. Obeying the will of the royal customer, glassblowers from Flemish made a new flat-bottomed bottle. And so that it was strong enough and could maintain internal pressure, they used a special lead crystal. As a result, the champagne was named Cristal. Today it has a truly regal history and heritage. The bottle of the 1990 sample turned out to be 8 times larger than the usual one. It was sold at an auction in New York for $ 18,800.

Champagne 1928 Krug. Serena Sutcliffe, the head of the Sotheby's wine department, spoke most eloquently about the sophistication of this drink. She called the 1928 Krug simply the greatest champagne ever made by man. The regular-sized bottle was sold in 2009 at an auction in Hong Kong for $ 21,200. This is the kind of champagne that was served at the royal banquet at Buckingham Palace after the end of World War II. The elite drink was tasted by King George VI and his guests. The last time such a bottle was opened was in 1999, when a large tasting was held in Sweden dedicated to the change of the millennium.

Champagne Perrier-Jouët Belle Epoque. The owners of this champagne house offered their customers a unique service. One hundred of the richest customers were invited on a full day excursion to the Perrier-Jouët headquarters. There they were offered to taste the cuvée, which suits their taste in the best way. After the tour, 12 unique bottles by Emile Halle were placed in the best places of the cellar for storage for several years. These kits were sold for $ 50,000.

Champagne Krug Clos d'Ambonnay. This exclusive cuvée by the famous champagne house Krug was revealed to the public in 2008. The name Clos d'Ambonnay refers to the small Grand Cru vineyard, with an area of ​​only 0.685 hectares. It is located in the area of ​​the village Ambonnay, Montage de Reims. In total, about three thousand bottles of sparkling drink were produced. Each of them can be considered unique, and it costs at least $ 2,500. In fact, this is not even champagne, but wine made from Pinot Noir grapes. I must say that the Krug house bought the vineyard back in 1984, but the harvest from it was announced only 20 years later. The berries were harvested on October 1, 1995. For 12 years in oak barrels, champagne was waiting in the wings. As a result, the drink got a brilliant-gold color with a copper tint. The taste has hints of red fruits, caramel and almonds. The design of the champagne bottles is also worth noting. They are made of dark glass and feature a stylish blue label.

Champagne Moët @ Chandon Dom Perignon White Gold. For those who wish to demonstrate their wealth, this three-liter bottle of elite champagne is the best choice. And the main component of the price of 11.2 thousand dollars is not a drink at all, but the container itself. The bottle is covered in white gold here. In 1995, 100 of these items, engraved by the manufacturer, entered the London luxury boutique Harrods at a price of $ 12,000 each.

Champagne Pol Roger Sir Winston Churchill. French champagne house Pol Roger named this drink after its most loyal and loyal customer, Sir Winston Churchill. For the first time, the future premier tasted a vintage drink from 1895 in 1908. From then until his death in 1965, Churchill singled out Pol Roger from champagne. Since 1944, the love for champagne has grown. Churchill in Paris participated in Memorial Day at the British Embassy. Here the politician tried the Odette Pol-Roger from Grande Dame. Churchill was so captivated by the charm and sophistication of this drink that after that he tasted it at least 500 times. As a sign of respect for the main customer, after the death of the legendary Englishman, all Pol Roger bottles supplied to England received a black frame around the label. Champagne Pol Roger Sir Winston Churchill was created specifically to highlight the taste and style of a great man. At retail, a bottle of this drink costs about $ 215.

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