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Meaning of the name

Ruslan, a derivative form of the Turkic word "arslan" - "lion".


As a child Ruslan is a very emotional child, carried away, fickle, capricious. Loves praise. There are many politicians and actors among Ruslans. He is narcissistic, he does not tolerate inattention.

Ruslan is trying to gain popularity in any way. He cannot work in one place for a long time, especially if the work does not bring moral satisfaction and new acquaintances. Ruslan needs everything at once.

Ruslan's wife should be beautiful, witty, talented, and generally popular. Ruslan wants his appearance in society with his wife to cause envy.

But Ruslan is jealous, one careless glance, and Ruslan is ready to rush to defend his honor, often badly damaging his reputation and the mood of those around him.

Ruslan gets married, as a rule, twice. First time on "the most popular girl in the city", the second - for love. Loves his parents and children.

Ruslan loves to drink, but it doesn't turn into addiction.


Ruslan is handsome, charming, ardent, loving, emotional. He conquers women with ease. Ruslan knows how to look at a woman as a queen.

Women fall in love with him and try to keep him, but alas ... Ruslan, putting his eyes on a woman, will do everything to achieve her, will take any risk.

In sex, Ruslan loves variety. Ruslan does not have a single inferiority complex, there are no prejudices. He is free, and patiently introduces his partner to freedom in erotic games. Ruslan believes that the pleasure of partners should be mutual.

Ruslan enlightens his partner both practically and theoretically. He really likes to talk about sex. Possessing a good sense of humor and self-confidence, Ruslan never dwells on failure.

Ruslan is jealous, while systematically cheating on his wife. If she makes such a mistake, Ruslan does not forgive.

Ruslan likes women who need to be won. Ruslan avoids persistent women - they are simply not interesting to him.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Taurus, Cancer, Capricorn, Sagittarius, Pisces.


The sound of the name Ruslan gives the impression of something majestic, strong, active, loud.

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